Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Sarah Milner

Meet Sarah Milner, MSUM’s new Associate Professor in Health and Human Performance.

Q: What drew you to MSUM?
A: Definitely the people. My husband has been the cross country and track coach here since 2010 and I started my doctorate here and met a lot of people through that.

Q:  What unique experience or skills from your past job do you bring to MSUM?
A: I think all of the jobs I’ve had have helped. I’ve worked in sports management, taught exercise science, been a personal trainer. I’m also a certified strength and conditioning coach, and have certificates in both yoga and group fitness. So, I think all of these things have contributed to what I can bring to MSUM.

Q: How do you prefer to start your work day?
A: I usually start my mornings with a run. I like to come into school early to prep my classes before the day starts.

Q: What do you do to turn things around when you’re having a bad day?
A: Changing my perspective, being mindful, and being grateful for the things I do have.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Fargo-Moorhead?
A: Black Coffee Waffle Bar

Q: What’s the most interesting thing you’re working on right now?
A: I’m in my last year of my doctoral program and this semester I am collecting my data and actually measuring student’s perception on stress and some physiological barriers. Next semester I hope to wrap everything up with my statistics and data analysis.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily Sarah!

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