Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Erienne Fawcett

Meet Erienne Fawcett, MSUM’s new c
oordinator of gender and sexuality for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She is located in the Women’s Center and aims to serve and advocate for all students.

Q: What drew you to MSUM? 
A: The integrity of the institution and standing up for what’s right is something I value. I also see MSUM advocate for students.

Q: What’s one thing that has surprised you about MSUM? 
A: The openness to ideas and different perspectives. The physical space also is very welcoming with an amazing sense of community.

Q: What is something you are learning from this job right now? 
A: How to effectively create programming that helps everyone on campus. How to be a good team member. Also, how to listen to others and hear about different cultures/ perspectives.

Q: What put you into this line of work?  
A: For me, it’s always been about my experience with feminism. Intersectionality is important for everyone to recognize and understand. Understanding certain areas of privilege and areas of oppression continually helps me advocate for others.

Q: If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
A: An Okapi. They are tall, thick and have flare. They are also shy and I'm an introvert.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily, Erienne! 

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