Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Ashton Scott, Justin Czech, Cody Cooper and Thomas Stacker

Meet MSUM’s new assistant football coaches. Ashton Scott, Justin Czech, Cody Cooper and Thomas Stacker are all assisting the Dragons in their current season.

*Thomas’ answers are not listed and Ashton is not pictured*

Q: What drew you to MSUM?

Ashton: The opportunity to prove myself as a coach. As I went through the interview process it became apparent that there are great people/leaders here and that is what ultimately made my decision very easy to come serve MSUM.

Justin: I knew Coach Laqua from the recruiting process as a player in high school, so when we got cut at St. Cloud that familiarity was something that I valued. After a detour down to Texas originally, I was able to reconnect with him and the opportunity to play my last year and transition to coaching was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

Cody: The people, the Dragon culture, and the opportunity to coach in my hometown.

Q: What's something you are excited for in MSUM's upcoming football season?

Ashton: I am excited to get to work and serve our players this season.

Justin: We are a young team with a lot to prove. I think that we can surprise some people and it will be exciting to see who steps up and shows out.

Cody: Helping our guys become the best version of themselves.

Q: Who is your favorite football player

Ashton: Antonio Gates.

Justin: Joe Burrow. I am also a huge fan of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck.

Cody: Randy Moss.

Q: Which team in the NFL is your favorite?

Ashton: The LA Chargers.

Justin: Unfortunately, I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. My family is split Packers and Vikings, and I didn't want to break the tie. I liked the colors and like Florida in general, so Jacksonville it was.

Cody: The Minnesota Vikings.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily, everyone! 

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