Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Adison Jaeger

Meet Adison Jaeger, MSUM’s new course materials manager, in the MSUM Bookstore. He manages everything regarding textbooks and works with faculty to order requested course materials for their classes.  


Q: What drew you to MSUM?  
A: My wife, Angela Beaton, works here in the library. She really enjoys working here so I thought I’d look for a position I'd fit well with.  

Q: What’s the most interesting thing you’re working on right now?  
A: Learning the process. I just ordered textbooks for the summer and it's interesting to see how everything fits together.  

Q: What’s your go-to productivity trick?  
A: I enjoy heavy metal music. When I turn it on, I’m in the zone.  

Q: How do you prefer to start your workday?  
A: I’m not a morning person, so I need caffeine. I also start with more customer service-related work at the beginning of the day.  

Q: What’s your favorite social media platform?  
A: Facebook. I’m not on any other social media platforms. 

Q: What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?  
A: Doing something outside. I just took a camping trip last weekend. I also love to fish. I got a dog last year and now he’s old enough to join me on my outdoor adventures. 

Q: If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why? 
A: I’m like a build your own ice cream of every flavor. I have tattoos and like heavy metal music, but I'm also a nerd that likes to play games.  


Welcome to the #DragonFamily, Adison! 

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