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Serving those who have served our country

MSUM has recently been awarded a Federal grant that will allow us to take our commitment to veterans to the next level.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Autumn Schaeffer

Meet Autumn Schaeffer, a new admissions representative. She connects with potential students to see how MSUM can fit their needs. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Adrian Blanton

Meet Adrian Blanton, MSUM’s new assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Athletics department. He is here to keep our Dragons performing to the best of their abilities.

MSUM Planetarium sparked big dreams for creative astronomer, filmmaker

Mary Dodge came to MSUM expecting to study English, then took an astronomy class that led to a lifelong career in planetariums and film-making.

New math scholarship rewards well-rounded students

Dragon Pride runs deep for Tim and Kathy Peil. Beyond their legacy in the classroom, the Peils impact students by creating a scholarship and making a planned gift through their estate.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Jeffrey Salinas-Jenni

Meet Jeffrey Salinas-Jenni, OAS Intermediate for the office of Diversity & Inclusion. He helps with the day-to-day functions of the office and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Noah Roddy

Meet Noah Roddy, MSUM’s new Assistant Dance Coach. Noah works with the dance team to create choreography and routines and to challenge the team to perform at their best level. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Kathryn Link

Meet Kathryn Link, MSUM’s new Assistant Professor in EIT for the School of Performing Arts. She is here to help facilitate changes within the department while teaching theater, film and lighting design classes.  

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Danielle Gravon

Meet Danielle Gravon, MSUM’s new art gallery director for the Center of the Arts. She helps prepare and install the shows that take place in the gallery each semester for student and community projects. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Caitlin Johnson

Meet Caitlin Johnson, a new assistant professor of educational leadership in the School of Teaching and Learning. She teaches courses in the educational leadership Ph.D. program as well as the curriculum and instruction master's program.  

Exploring the Universe and Beyond

For the past 50 years, the MSUM Planetarium has been a place for inspiration and exploration. The planetarium’s director, Sara Schultz, expects it will play that role for another 50 years.

Welcome to the Dragon Family: Trina Spaeth

Meet Trina Spaeth, MSUM’s new Adjunct Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Information Systems!