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Denis Stead

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  • Denis Stead, Associate Professor

     Denis Stead Office: Lommen 212D
    Phone: 218.477.2036


    PhD, Sociology, University of Denver

    Interests/Areas of Specialization

    Criminology, Victimology, Social Deviance and Courts

    Selected Publications

    Denis Stead, Tom McDonald, James Larson, Robert Wood, George Youngs, Richard Rathge. 1991. "Examining the Effects of a Strengthened DUI Law: An Executive Summary of a Three Year Study," Sociological Practice Review. 1

    Denis Stead. 1991. "Stress in Criminal Justice/Social Service," pages 233 249 in James E. Hendricks (ed.) Crisis Intervention in Criminal Justice/Social Service. Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas.

    Denis Stead. 1994. "The Juvenile Court: A Case in Organizational Behavior," The Great Plains Sociologist, 7: 1-13.

    Denis Stead. 1995. "The Effectiveness of Criminal Mediation: An Alternative to Court Proceedings In a Canadian City." The Great Plains Sociologist, 8: 47-61.

    Courses Offered

    Introduction to Criminal Justice, Social Deviance, Criminology, The Criminal Court, Victimology, The Sociology of Sport , Courts Through Film, Sociology of Investigations