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Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic

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  • Clinical Services

    The MSUM Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic provides services to individuals of all ages who would like a hearing evaluation, a speech/language evaluation or speech/language treatment. Our clinic accepts most health insurances and we have both individual and group sessions available.

    Our clinic operates on a semester basis, with approximately 13 weeks of clinical sessions in the fall (late August to early December) and spring (late January through April). Our summer clinic typically lasts 7 weeks, from early June to late July. Clients who receive speech/language pathology treatment at MSUM typically come two times/week but other schedules are available.

    Services are provided by students and overseen/supervised by faculty members who possess the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

    For more information, or to inquire about services, please contact either Lonnie Carlson at; 218.477.2330 or Vicki Riedinger at; 218.477.4627.