School of Performing Arts Scholarships

  • MSUM is pleased to offer thousands of dollars in Performing Arts scholarships for current and incoming music, theatre, and dance students. This would include scholarships for majors and non-majors who would like to perform in an ensemble or production but plan to major in another field. When combined with our amazingly low tuition, affordable housing, and the vibrant arts scene found in the rapidly expanding Fargo-Moorhead region, MSUM offers an exceptional value for the aspiring actor, musician, or dancer!

    Students can also apply for general university scholarships through the online scholarship application. Application deadlines will apply.

    ALL Music Scholarships Theatre Arts Scholarships

    Scholarships Offered

    • Margaret Fuglie Lewis Memorial Scholarship for Theatre
    • Larry 'Drone' Peterson Straw Hat Endowment
    • Thomas Proehl Memorial Fund
    • Dorothy & Bernard Gill Endowed Scholarship
    • Catherine Haukebo Endowed Family Scholarship
    • James B. Henry Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Ernest Harris Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • William M. Jones Endowed Scholarship
    • Paul Severson Endowed Scholarship
    • Ward Dunkirk Memorial Scholarship for Music
    • Leonore Schwarz Neumaier Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Leonore Schwarz Neumaier Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Joe Best Endowed Scholarship
    • Sena Barden Memorial Endowed Scholarship Concert Choir
    • Florence Vance Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Dan Preston Music Scholarship
    • MSUM Music Department Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Music Alumni/Florence Vance Endowment
    • Jennifer Rathert-Hughes Endowed Music Scholarship
    • John and Catherine Tesch Instrumental Music Endowment
    • Dr. Rod Rothlisberger Endowed Vocal Music Scholarship
    • Music Department Scholarship
    • Presser Foundation Scholarship
    • Double Reed Scholarship
    • Art Nix Scholarship
    • Dr. H. D. and Yvonne Harmon Music Scholarship Fund
    • Dorothy Refling Festival Choir Scholarship
    • Dorothy Jean Benton Memorial Prize for Voice
    • Alice Bartels Music Scholarship
    • Percussions Scholarship
    • Choral/Vocal Augmented Scholarship
    • Florence Vance Scholarship Fund
    • Summer Kodaly Scholarship