Social Work Admission Requirements

  • Acceptance into the School of Social Work is required for continuation in program coursework beyond SW 330. Admission is selective, and students can begin their application online in Tk20 once they have determined they are eligible for admission.

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    Minimal Requirements for Admission to the School of Social Work


    Academic advising will guide you toward School admission and ultimately degree completion. While working toward admission to the School of Social Work, though, students must attend a group advising (GA) session each semester to update their academic plan, and receive their Advisor Access Code needed for registration (here is the link for the slides used in GA sessions). Then once admitted, students will work closely with their assigned academic advisor in the school


    Successful applicants must meet the following admission requirements:

    • The applicant must be officially admitted to MSUM before one can submit a School of Social Work application.

    • The applicant must be enrolled in a class at MSUM the term the application is completed.
    • The applicant must first purchase a Tk20 membership before the application can be completed.
      1. Before opening a Tk20 account and beginning the application, ensure you are eligible for admission because, once paid, Tk20 membership fees are not refundable for any reason.
    • The applicant must document a grade of “C” or higher in All Social Work courses and related requirements.
      1. A current DARS must be uploaded into Tk20 to verify meeting this requirement.
    • The applicant must document a cumulative MSUM GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of application for admission.
      1. A current DARS must be uploaded into Tk20 to verify meeting this requirement.
      2. Transfer students should refer to Credit Transfer which discusses transfer GPAs.
    • The applicant must document completion or current enrollment in SW 250-Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare and SW 330-Human Behavior in the Social Environment.
      1. Pre-approved equivalents at other institutions are possible; but when in doubt, provide your academic advisor the course’s syllabus for a pre-admission review.
    • The applicant must upload into Tk20 evidence of NASW membership.
      1. This membership must be maintained at all times while in the School of Social Work.
    • The applicant must upload a copy of their current DARS into Tk20.

    • Transfer applicants must document in Tk20 completion of a minimum of 15 hours of supervised human service experience.
      1. This can be volunteer or paid, but must be done POST HIGH SCHOOL within the past 10 years, and PRIOR TO TRANSFER. Transfer students must also submit their supervisor’s performance evaluation form as part of the Tk20 Application.
    • In the event that the admissions committee feels additional information is required, the committee may ask for additional documentation and/or a personal interview with the applicant.