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  • RN to BSN Program

School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership

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  • RN to BSN Program

    MSUM’s online baccalaureate degree in nursing is a pathway for career advancements of RNs who have already completed an Associate’s degree in nursing. The program is totally online with clinical/practicum experiences (e.g., Public Health and Pathways/Capstone course) arranged in an area close to students’ residence (for out-of-MN students, clinical opportunity depends on board of education approvals).

    The program plan and online option offers students the opportunity to study at their own pace and any time, day or night. The RN-BSN curriculum is informed by the best of professional standards and with input from employers, industry experts, and real nurses. The program has decades of strong history and is taught by faculty who know the students and appreciate the RN base from where students begin.

    RN to BSN Program Requirements & Details enter this site for a description of the following:

    1. Program Description
    2. Student Outcomes
    3. Core course requirements & course descriptions
    4. Program Requirements for graduation (total credits, general education course requirements, upper division course requirements)
    5. Sample Advising Record

    Affordable State Tuition Rates

    The cost of completing an online baccalaureate nursing degree from MSUM is one of the most affordable options in the country. The total cost will be determined by the number of credits you will need to study for the baccalaureate degree from MSUM. At minimum, all students will study the required 31 core nursing credits. Thereafter, there may be upper division electives and/or liberal arts courses yet to complete.

    Please see the Business Services site for specific undergraduate online course tuition and fee information.

    What You Will Learn

    Graduates of the MSUM RN-BSN program will be able to:

    1. Integrate concepts from the arts, humanities and sciences as the basis for critical thinking and decision making in the art and science of nursing.
    2. Recognize the role of nursing leadership to promote safe, high quality care with a focus on continual evaluation and improvement within a variety of organizations and systems.
    3. Identify, evaluate, and synthesize evidence to improve healthcare safety, quality and outcomes.
    4. Utilize technology and information systems to communicate, manage information, and support decision making to improve patient outcomes within healthcare delivery systems.
    5. Understand the impact of healthcare policy, finance, reimbursement, and regulatory environments on the structure and function of the healthcare system.
    6. Communicate clearly and collaborate effectively to promote high quality and safe patient care.
    7. Utilize prevention at all levels to promote wellness and disease prevention for individuals, families, communities and diverse populations.
    8. Demonstrate professional values through commitment to ethical practice, ongoing learning and professional development.
    9. Practice caring, competent, holistic, patient centered nursing with diverse groups in a variety of settings across the lifespan.

  • Admissions Criteria

    Applicants to the RN-BSN program must be licensed RNs or eligible for licensure by RN-BSN program start. A majority of qualified applicants have an overall GPA greater than 2.75, however applications will be evaluated holistically on a number of criteria (see Admissions Decisions below).

    To apply for admission to the RN-BSN program, students must first be admitted to MSUM. Then, a separate online application to the RN-BSN program is submitted.

    Application Deadlines

    RN-BSN Program Moves to Rolling Admissions Basis

    Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Highly qualified applicants may be offered early admission to the RN-BSN program. General applications will be considered after the deadlines of March 15th (for Fall start) and October 15th (for Spring start). Applicants can expect to be notified of the next step in the application process within eight weeks of full completed application.

    General application deadlines for applying to the nursing program are:

    • October 15 (for spring admission) and
    • March 15 (for fall admission)


    Admission Decisions

    Admission is competitive and applications are scored and then ranked on the following elements:

    1. all college coursework GPA
    2. final nursing program semester GPA
    3. years of RN practice experience (some credit for experience)
    4. strength of written essay (essay is explained and submitted within the nursing application)
    5. two references (One reference should be from current or recent nursing faculty, RNs who have supervised your work, or a professional who has supervised your work. The second can be from a co-worker or other professional reference.)
    6. significant progress towards meeting general education (LASC) requirements (e.g., an AA or previous baccalaureate degree, etc.)
    7. past or current status as a MSUM student
    8. serving the MSUM mission, local/regional applicants will be given additional consideration

    Out-of-State Applicants

    If you wish to enroll in our RN to BSN program and live in a state other than Minnesota, please inquire before applying to determine if MSUM is legally authorized to provide the program in your state. Call 218.477.2695.

    Application Procedures

    1. Apply to MSUM
      The details for applying to MSUM are identified on the Transfer Student Admissions, How to Apply page.
      NOTE: to apply to MSUM, you will NOT need high school transcript (having achieved 24 successful credits by transfer) but you will need:
      • fee of $20.00 to apply to MSUM as a transfer student
      • official transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions you’ve previously attended sent directly to the MSUM Admissions Office
    2. Apply to the RN-BSN Program
      Once you have made application to MSUM, you will be able to activate your student ID (called StarID). You will need to activate your StarID to apply to the RN-BSN program.

      You will also receive directions to establish your MSUM email, called DragonMail. You will need to use DragonMail email for any official correspondence about the RN-BSN program.
      The link to the RN-BSN admission application is here: Apply for RN-BSN program.

      NOTE: Before applying to the RN-BSN program, you will need:
      • a list of previous/current schools you have studied in
      • a list of current/previous employment sites
      • names and email of TWO professional references
      • to develop a 500-word (max) essay (directions within the online application)


    Frequently Asked Questions about the RN-BSN Program LIVE!


    • Verifications for Program Compliance. Upon admission to the RN-BSN program, new students will receive information about required documentation of immunizations and other screenings, CPR, background checks, etc prior to program start. See list of requirements in the Student Resources section and here: Verifications for RN-BSN Program Compliance
    • Mandatory on-site orientation. New students will receive information on the REQUIRED on-site orientation at either MSUM’s campus or in a Minneapolis-St. Paul locale. Please know that orientation is typically within a week before or during the new semester start.


    New and current RN-BSN students will find essential information in the Student Resources section of this website, which can also be found in the left-hand column navigation.

    The Homeland Security Act of 2002 fundamentally changed the requirements for the international students who wish to study in the United States. International students are advised to seek clarifications with the office of International Student Services. International students who are in the US on an F-1 Visa are not eligible to be admitted to a program that is completely online, as is the RN-BSN program. International students may qualify for admission if on certain work visas.