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    Internships provide outstanding opportunities for students or new graduates to work in a professional environment, learn new skills and help their employers complete challenging projects.  

    Students gain valuable, real-world experience and explore careers that match their academic and personal interests. This practical experience reinforces a commitment to the profession, helps students narrow a career path and elevates their professional ethics and values.

    Internships may be credit or non-credit bearing; paid or unpaid; full-time or part-time; taken for a short duration or over the course of a year. While not required, approximately one-third of our business majors complete an internship, which often prove to be valuable and dynamic learning experiences. Many employers consider internships during in the hiring process, and often look to their own interns as the best candidates for full-time positions.

    Students gain much from participating in professional internships, including:

    • Developing professional skills in teamwork, time management and interpersonal communication.
    • Gaining insight into the business field and narrowing a career path.
    • Integrating knowledge gained in the classroom with a growing understanding of the work environment.
    • Building professional networking contacts and mentoring relationships.
    • Acquiring experience and skills to enhance personal growth and self-confidence.
    • Sharing real-world work experiences with other students.
    • Growing into a viable, marketable job applicant when seeking full-time employment.

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