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    Paseka School of Business students are doing amazing things. They participate in student organizations, attend and present at regional and national conferences, compete at regional and national competitions, collaborate on faculty-mentored projects, gain hands-on experience through internships, help coordinate community service projects, and more.

    Bradley Ostendorf (2011 accounting) is one of 39 winners of the 2012 Elijah Watt Sells Award, announced by the American Institute of CPAs. The award is given to candidates who obtained a cumulative average score above 95.50 across all four sections of the Uniform CPA Examination, completed testing during the 2012 calendar year and passed all four sections of the Examination on their first attempt. More than 92,000 candidates sat for the Examination in 2012.  

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  • Student Testimonials

    Dillon Hoover
    Dillon Hoover

    Business Administration

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    Yulia Murzaeva - Students
    Yulia Murzaeva


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  • Sara Beattie, Finance

    “The professors have been great. That’s probably my favorite part about coming here -- interacting with the professors since they all have that real-world experience. They bring that to the classroom and teach you using that experience.”

    “The structure here is really good. There are students at other colleges that say they have classes they don’t think they will ever use, and I have never had that here. I have felt that every class I have had I can apply to my future career.”

    “The accreditation really marks MSUM as the gold standard in the businesses world. Once businesses see that and see you graduated from an accredited school of business, it really puts you above other candidates.”

    “My favorite thing about finance is that it is so diverse. I know I will be able to go to work one day and do something completely different than the day before. I know that my job will continue to change so I won’t get bored with it. Even in school it’s been the same thing. I will go to school one day and it will be one thing, then the next day something completely different. It really keeps your mind active; it doesn’t get boring.”

  • Kyle Blake, Business Administration 

    "The professors have been excellent, very involved, very willing to help, very encouraging. They’re all very accessible and very involved in student success. Many of the faculty I’ve had in courses have been strong mentors and went out of their way to do great things."

    "I was the student senator for the College of Business & Industry for two years. This past year, I was the chair of tuition fees and oversight for student government. I’ve been on a lot of committees. All the university and student affairs committees are open to every student. They provide the opportunity to participate in real meetings, real agendas, and see how things work. As people move into their careers, no matter what the career is, they’re going to have those experiences and will know what to expect. They’ll perform better in a job interview, better in their role, and progress more quickly. Resume building is part of university involvement, but more importantly you have a story to tell in an interview."

    "MSUM is accredited with the AACSB, so essentially you are given a heavier weight when looking at grad programs because they know it’s a defined set of standards that’s very rigorous, and they’re the same standards that most grad programs comply with."