• Internship Benefits

Paseka School of Business

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  • Internship Benefits

    Employer Benefits and Opportunities

    • Employers are offered an opportunity to establish an important link with the University and become involved in the educational process.
    • Employers have access to bright, ambitious, hard working and highly motivated students who are a source of year-round temporary help. They provide fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the company.
    • Employers are provided an opportunity to recruit, select and train staff for permanent employment and reduce the time and cost of recruiting.
    • Employers benefit through the opportunity to establish and strengthen links between the classroom and the business community. This relationship can enhance company profiles.
    • Employers are provided with an opportunity to utilize internship students as an integral component of business strategy which could enable the employer to meet and exceed business goals, improve quality, improve productivity and lower costs.


    Benefits to Student

    • Students will acquire experience and skills that will enhance their personal growth and development.
    • Theoretical classroom learning becomes more legitimized as the student is offered the opportunity to develop an understanding of the relationship which exists among the partners in the Internship Program: the student, the employer and the educational institution.
    • Students will be able to experience different types of jobs. This experience will not only increase self confidence but, most importantly, will help the student decide a career path.
    • Students bring information back to the classroom and provide feedback in real life case studies in the classroom.
    • Depending on the work term placement, the student may be provided with the opportunity to travel.