Scholarship Timeline

  • MSU Moorhead scholarship application period typically begins in early November with selection completed during March for scholarships for the next academic year. Scholarships are awarded for the academic year, unless otherwise noted.


    Some scholarships have a "financial need" criteria. To assess "financial need," you need to complete next year's FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before the scholarship deadline date. FAFSA information will take about seven business days from time of submission to reach the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid electronically. Make sure you complete and submit appropriately.

    NOTE: Do not wait until the application deadline date to submit your application; the earlier you complete it the better!


    Scholarship applications will be posted at the beginning of the month. Check department websites for application and procedures. Keep in mind that some scholarships will have a February 1 deadline.


    Winter break is a great time to complete applications, secure recommendations, and write or modify personal essays to accommodate specific questions for scholarships.


    A letter and acceptance form will be mailed to you if you are awarded a scholarship(s). If you want the letter and acceptance form mailed to you locally, please make sure that your local address is correct with the Registrar's Office. You will be required to return the acceptance form with Thank You letters (if appropriate) before the scholarship will pay toward your educational expenses for the following academic year.

    Scholarship Appeal Form