Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Students applying for a scholarship at MSUM must meet specific eligibility criteria. Scholarship criteria include maintaining attendance at MSUM as a full-time student, achieving a certain cumulative grade point average, majoring in a specific area, having a certain grade level status, etc.

    Full-time attendance is required to be awarded a scholarship. Less than full-time attendance is not allowed unless otherwise noted in the scholarship criteria. If attendance decreases from full-time to part-time, the scholarship can be revoked and/or become non-renewable. In the case that a scholarship recipient opts to cease enrollment at MSUM, the unpaid portion of the scholarship will be forfeited.

    Some scholarships are automatically renewable. Renewable scholarships do not require reapplication, however they do require the scholarship recipient to maintain eligibility criteria in order to continue receiving the award. Please review criteria on renewable scholarships to ensure requirements are not missed and the scholarship is maintained. Failure to meet eligibility requirements will cause forfeiture of the scholarship. Automatic scholarships are awarded for the semesters/years specified or until you graduate, whichever comes first.

    Students may receive one or more scholarships depending on how many they have applied for and were awarded. Should a student receive scholarship(s) in addition to federal loans, the federal loan amounts may be reduced to accommodate the amount of the scholarship(s). By allowing this, a student can essentially pay for education with free money as opposed to borrowed money that will need to be paid back in the future. Generally, a student cannot receive a combination of federal, state and institutional aid that exceeds the cost of attendance.

    Scholarships given to student recipients of MSUM are non-transferable. A scholarship amount may not be transferred to another institution for use. Students participating in Study Abroad, National Student Exchange, etc. that do not pay tuition at MSU Moorhead will forfeit the scholarship unless otherwise noted by the donor.

    If you are receiving a non-MSUM scholarship(s), the scholarship check from the donor or agency sponsoring the scholarship should mail the check to: MSUM Business Services, 1104 Seventh Avenue South, Moorhead, MN 56563. Please have them include your name and STAR ID/Dragon ID. If the check is given to you, please mail or take the check to Business Services to be applied to your student account. The scholarship amount awarded will be entered into your student account and will be applied toward your educational costs including tuition, fees, housing, etc. After all educational costs are paid, a refund will be sent to you.

    Scholarship recipients must return the Acceptance form(s) and Thank You letter(s) prior to receiving the scholarship awarded.

    Scholarship Appeal Form