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  • Poster Guidelines

Student Academic Conference

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  • Preparing a Poster Presentation

    What is a poster presentation?
    A typical poster presentation involves the presenter(s) standing by a poster on an easel and fielding questions from an audience that moves through the various posters.

    Poster Requirements

    1. The suggested poster area is 3 feet high and 4 feet long.
    2. The title of your paper and the author(s) names should be at least 1 inch high (font 72.
    3. The title of your paper should be at the top of the poster—the title and author(s) names on the center, left, or right of the poster.
    4. The font of the body should be at least 3/8 of an inch (font 27) preferably in bold font.
    5. Works cited or references should have a smaller font than 27, suggested font 22.
    6. The poster should be edited carefully.
    7. The poster should be printed (rare exceptions would be permitted).
    8. The poster should have rigid backing, so please bring poster board or foam board to mount your poster on. You will only be provided an easel.

    Poster Suggestions

    When preparing your poster, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Would someone reading this poster walk away understanding the major findings or points of the paper?
    • Would a careful reader be able to ask relevant questions about my work?
    • Is the sequence of information clear? Use arrows, numbers, or letters to let the reader know the flow of information.
    • Include the major points only; leave less essential information for informal discussions.

    In addition to a title and author label and abstract, most successful posters provide brief statements of introduction, method, procedure, results, and conclusions. Speak to your advisor for conventions specific to your field.

    Want some design help? Contact Professor Allan Sheets <> by February 25th, 2017.

    Poster Sample Templates

    Here are two sample templates that you may use to create your poster. The 4 MSUM logos in the bottom right corner can be deleted, moved or copied, but NOT modified (except to enlarge or shrink) without permission of the university.

    Poster Printing Options

    Option 1: The Student Academic Conference Committee may print the poster free of charge provided that:

    • You submit the poster to by March 28, 2017 as a pdf file — be sure to include your full name in the file’s name (for example SACJohnDuncanDoe.pdf).
    • You use one of the two Poster Sample Templates (see above). Be sure to not make any alternations to logos, margins, etc. The 4 logos in the bottom right corner can be deleted, moved or copied, but NOT modified (except to enlarge or shrink) without permission of the university.
    • You include citations (references) for ALL material (quotes, ideas, and images) obtained from other sources.
    • You proof read and edit your poster carefully.
    • The SAC will only print 3ftX4ft color posters on plain paper.
    • The SAC will not pay for any posters printed elsewhere.
    • The SAC reserves the right to reject any posters that have many grammatical errors, that do not include citations, or that are poorly laid out.
    • Poster pick up date will be April 10, 2017 by 3:00pm in MA 380.


    Option 2: You may also utilize the services of University Graphics to get your poster printed. Email your posters to Pick up posters at Marketing Graphics located in the lower level of Grier Hall. Graphics will call you when your posters are finished.  If your file is too large to send by email, you may bring your file to Marketing Graphics on a CD or jump/flash drive and fill out a job form.

    • Formats accepted: PDF.  
    • Size: Make sure your size properties are the actual size you would like the poster to be. Use the template above. (
    • Payment: Check with your department. They may pay for the poster costs for you. If so, make sure you include the department account number, telephone number and department name. Otherwise, pay with a check.
    • Cost: Special pricing for the SAC is available: $4.00 per square foot (4' x 3' = $48); if it is a personal order, sales taxes will be added bringing the costs to $51.40
    • Due date: Please submit the poster no later than Friday, April 1. It is preferred you submit your poster 2-3 weeks prior to the conference to avoid the rush. A $5 rush charge will be added to any posters not in by March 31, 2017.