RN to BSN Student Learning Outcomes

  • RN to BSN Student Learning Outcomes

    As a graduate of MSUM’s RN to BSN Nursing program, you will be able to:

    1. Integrate concepts from the arts, humanities and sciences as the basis for critical thinking and decision making in the art and science of nursing.
    2. Recognize the role of nursing leadership to promote safe, high quality care with a focus on continual evaluation and improvement within a variety of organizations and systems.
    3. Identify, evaluate, and synthesize evidence to improve healthcare safety, quality and outcomes.
    4. Utilize technology and information systems to communicate, manage information, and support decision making to improve patient outcomes within healthcare delivery systems.
    5. Understand the impact of healthcare policy, finance, reimbursement, and regulatory environments on the structure and function of the healthcare system.
    6. Communicate clearly and collaborate effectively to promote high quality and safe patient care.
    7. Utilize prevention at all levels to promote wellness and disease prevention for individuals, families, communities and diverse populations.
    8. Demonstrate professional values through commitment to ethical practice, ongoing learning and professional development.
    9. Practice caring, competent, holistic, patient centered nursing with diverse groups in a variety of settings across the lifespan.