International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • MSUM recognizes the International Baccalaureate program, offered at many high schools in the United States and abroad, which allows students to take examinations for credit. The examinations are offered at the standard (SL) and higher (HL) levels.

    In accordance MnSCU policy 3.16, a student shall receive three (3) or more course credits for scores of 4 or higher on individual Higher Level IB examinations. A student shall receive two (2) or more credits for scores of 4 or higher on individual Standard Level IB examinations.

    IB credit may be used toward Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum requirements. Credit earned through IB examination is not resident credit and may not be used to satisfy resident credit requirements for graduation.

    To order official transcripts, please contact:
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    Please contact the MSUM Registrar's Office at 218.477.2565 for more information on credit awarded for these tests.

    Standard Level (SL)
    Higher Level (HL) 

    IB Exam MSUM Equivalency Credit Hours LASC Goal(s)
    Biology (HL) Elective 3 Goal 3L
    Biology (SL) Elective 2  
    Business Management (HL) Elective 3  
    Business Management (SL) Elective 2  
    Chemistry (HL) Elective 3 Goal 3L
    Chemistry (SL) Elective 2  
    Computer Science (HL) Elective 3  
    Computer Science (SL) Elective 2  
    Dance (HL) Elective 3  
    Dance (SL) Elective 2  
    Design Tech (HL) Elective 3  
    Design Tech (SL) Elective 2  
    Economics (HL) Elective 3 Goal 5
    Economics (SL) Elective 2  
    Environmental Systems & Societies (SL) Elective 2  
    Extended Essay Elective 3  
    Film (HL) Elective 3  
    Film (SL) Elective 2  
    Further Mathematics (HL) Elective 3  
    Further Mathematics (SL) Elective 2  
    Geography (HL) Elective 3 Goal 5
    Geography (SL) Elective 2  
    Global Politics (HL) Elective 3  
    Global Politics (SL) Elective 2  
    History (HL) Elective 3 Goal 5
    History (SL) Elective 2  
    History of East & SE Asia, Oceania (HL) Elective 3  
    History of Europe (HL) Elective 3 Goal 5
    History of the Americas (HL) Elective 3 Goal 5
    History of Asia/Middle East (HL) Elective 3 Goal 8
    History of Africa (HL) Elective 3 Goal 8
    Info Tech Global Society (HL) Elective 3 Goal 8
    Info Tech Global Society (SL) Elective 2  
    Islamic History (HL) Elective 3 Goal 8
    Islamic History (SL) Elective 2  
    Literature & Performance (HL) Elective 3  
    Literature & Performance (SL) Elective 2  
    Mathematic Studies (SL) Elective 2  
    Mathematic Methods (SL) Elective 2  
    Mathematics (HL) Elective 3  
    Mathematics (SL) Elective 2  
    Music (HL) Elective 3  
    Music (SL) (group) Elective 2  
    Music (SL) (composition) Elective 2  
    Music (SL) (solo) Elective 2  
    Philosophy (HL) Elective 3 Goal 6
    Philosophy (SL) Elective 2  
    Physics (HL) PHYS 200 3  
    Physics (SL) Elective 2  
    Psychology (HL) Elective 3 Goal 6
    Psychology (SL) Elective 2  
    Sociology Cultural Anthropology (HL) SOC 110 3  
    Sociology Cultural Anthropology (SL) Elective 2  
    Sports, Exercise & Health (SL) Elective 2  
    Theatre Arts (HL) Elective 3  
    Theatre Arts (SL) Elective 2  
    Theory of Knowledge Elective 3  
    Visual Arts (HL) Elective 3  
    Visual Arts (SL) Elective 2  
    World Cultures (HL) Elective 3 Goal 8
    World Cultures (SL) Elective 2  
    World Religions (SL) Elective 2  
    World Studies Extended Essay Elective 3  
    Languages (all HL) *exceptions listed below   Elective 3  
    Languages (all SL) *exceptions listed below Elective 2  
    Spanish B (SL) SPAN 101 4  
    Spanish B (HL) SPAN 101/102 6  
    Japanese B (SL) JAPN 101 4  
    Japanese B (HL) JAPN 101/102 8