Registration Windows

  • Spring 2019 Registration Windows

    Registration for the spring 2019 semester is scheduled to begin October 22, 2018. Registration proceeds according to the number of semester hours individual students have completed with grades. Students with more earned semester hours are allowed to register earlier than students with less semester hours.

    Important Reminders:

    • SCHEDULE: The course schedule for spring will be available online September 25.
    • HOLDS: Students should clear up any holds on their account as most holds prevent registration.
    • ACCESS CODES: Students are required to meet with their advisor to obtain their access code to register for spring. The Registrar’s Office will not give out access codes to students.
    • ADVISING: Spring Advising begins October 1. Students can find their advisor under their eServices account under courses & registration > view/modify schedule.
    • OVERRIDES: Requests for overrides into a course must be directed to the department offering the course.
    • Graduate students, students with previous degrees, and non-degree seeking students are eligible to register on eServices beginning at 9:00 am on October 22. These students do NOT need an access code to register.
    • Currently enrolled or readmitted undergraduate students register in windows based on the number of semester hours of credit earned prior to the fall 2018 semester according to the schedule below.
    • Students can find their registration window under courses & registration>registration window. This will give you the earliest date allowed to add or drop a course. Students will not be able to view their registration window until September 25 when the spring schedule is published online.
    • SCHEDULE PLANNER: Schedule Planner can be found in eservices and will help you easily select preferred classes, block of breaks, and generate all possible class schedules. Instructions on how to use the planner.

    To find your registration window:

    • Login to eServices with your Star ID and password
    • On left hand menu click on 'Courses & Registration' and then 'Registration Window'
    • Change the semester if needed (Click on Registration Window again if you need to change the semester)
    • Registration window will show. The date given will be the earliest date you are allowed to add or drop a course from your schedule.

    NOTE: When registering for courses, students only need to enter their access code ONCE. When the system prompts to enter a code after this it requires their Star ID password.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

    Open Registration Windows
    Semester Hours Completed  
    Oct. 22
    125 and above
    Oct. 23
    Oct. 24
    Oct. 25
    Oct. 26
    Oct. 29
    Oct. 30
    Oct. 31
    Nov. 1
    Nov. 2
    Nov. 2
    Open Enrollment