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    A newsletter from the Registrar’s Office at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

    Vol. 2, No. 3 | May 2018

    Vol 2 No 3 - Let the Grading Begin

    Let the Grading Begin!

    The window for posting final grades on the web for the current spring 2018 term opens Wednesday, May 2 and will remain open until 4:30 PM on Friday, May 11. Getting grades in on time affects financial aid, academic and financial appeals, probations and suspensions, and clearing students for graduation, so please do your best to meet the deadline.

    An important reminder is the links to all Minnesota State Applications has changed! has been replaced with Here are the new links that we highly recommend you bookmark on your internet browser.

    Here are the grading windows for summer session 2018


    Registrar FAQ

    What is a topics course?
    Special topics courses include courses that may address a current or timely topic, that are in a “pilot” phase before being offered on an ongoing basis, or that are known to be a one-time offering. A topics course ends in -90 and it may be repeated if the topic changes. Topics courses, under the same title, may be offered for a maximum of three semesters before requiring permanent course approval. The department will be responsible for initiating as a new course to go through the official university curriculum approval process.

    Academic Bulletin/Catalog Updates
    The Registrar’s Office is currently working on updates to the 2018-19 Academic Bulletin. The email request for updates was sent out to all department chairs in April. If you did not receive the email, please contact Sarah Jegela in the Registrar’s Office. Updates are due to the Registrar’s Office by Friday, May 4. The updated bulletin will be posted this summer.

    Spring 2018 Commencement
    Spring commencement ceremonies will be held Friday, May 11th at 10 am and 2 pm in Nemzek Fieldhouse.
    The morning ceremony will include graduates from:

    • College of Arts, Media and Communication
    • College of Business and Innovation
    • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Graduate Studies

    The afternoon ceremony will include graduates from:

    • College of Education and Human Services
    • College of Science, Health and the Environment
    • Graduate Studies

    There are approximately 900 students eligible for graduation this spring, with around 650 participating in the commencement ceremony. We invite the entire campus community to attend one or both ceremonies to help celebrate our students’ accomplishments. Hope to see you all there!

    What We’ve Been Up to:

    Vol 2 No 3 - AACRAO March 2018 Vol 2 No 3 - Curriculum Term Training March 2018

    AACRAO March 2018
    he American Association of Collegiate Registrar’s and Admissions Officers held its annual meeting this March in Orlando, Florida. This meeting brings together more than 2,000 higher education professionals and provides networking and professional development opportunities. The meeting addresses the goals and guidelines for meeting the challenges facing today’s campuses, and offers a forum for learning and sharing experience with colleagues. SpongeBob Square pants says it best…”Campus issues affecting our students can be a load of barnacles!”

    Curriculum/Term Training March 2018
    The Registrar staff participated in curriculum and term course (scheduling) training this March. Our current software to build courses and the term schedule is transitioning to a new more user friendly web based software. Most of the functionality will be the same, just a new look and some added features. Don’t worry schedulers! Our office will offer assistance once we transition to the new system.

    National Student Clearinghouse Academy February 2018
    The National Student Clearinghouse Academy was held this February in Minneapolis. The NSC provides our online transcript ordering service, and also enrollment and degree verification services. The academy offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the clearinghouse, find out about existing and upcoming new services, and engage with staff and subject matter experts on topics critical to the success of your institution and students.

    MN State Registrar Meeting April 2018
    The Minnesota State Registrar meeting was held in April in Saint Cloud and attended by Heather and Sarah. Topics discussed included credit for prior learning, curriculum/term rewrite, updated test scores/multiple measures,and of course, FERPA. This should explain how the meeting usually goes. How many registrars does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: 10 to compete to see who wins at getting the lightbulb in the fastest…another 10 to argue on which way is the most efficient, and 5 to discuss if it is a FERPA violation to release this information in the newsletter.

    Regional Transfer Meeting April 2018
    The West Regional Transfer Meeting was held this April on the MSUM campus. The topics discussed were all things transfer including transfer pathways, policies and procedures, and Transferology. Speaking of transfer…There are some exciting new changes headed to Owens Hall this coming summer. The Registrar’s Office is “moving on up to the east side” in preparation of an all new transfer center! The current Admissions Office will be expanding into the Registrar’s Office old space, and a new transfer center will be located on the first floor. Stay tuned for updates!

    Tips From Your Local Registrar

    As an institution, we are always looking for ways to collaborate and give back to our community. Well, our registrar is no exception. If you haven’t heard, M & H, a gas station in our local community, has THE best chicken in the FM area! Registrar Soleim shares “It’s just the right amount of breading. I’m all about the all white meat basket all the time. They even have punch cards available!”
    So check it out…it’s not just about delicious broasted chicken, it’s about supporting local business.

    Vol 2 No 3 - MH