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  • bossy BEATS - Registrar Newsletter

    A newsletter from the Registrar’s Office at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

    Vol. 2, No. 5 | January 2019

    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Ice Cream

    What We’ve Been Up To...

    It’s been a busy fall semester for staff in the Registrar’s Office. Here are some of the exciting happenings from the past few months.


    • Take time to celebrate success! And what better way to do that than an outing for some delicious sugary treats!
    • The office welcomed new students to campus and participated in the new student scavenger hunt!
    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - New Students


    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Galanz
    • We welcomed Galanz to the Registrar Family.
    • Registrar Soleim has been busy working with Minnesota State to get us a fancy new computer system. The project is called NextGen, you know, the term they use for every futuristic endeavor. In all seriousness, she has been on a team documenting our current student information processes and planning for future state. Look for this coming soon, you know, in the next six years.


    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Homecoming 2
    • We showed our homecoming spirit!
    • Gail attended the National Association of Veterans’ Program Administrators (NAVPA). The conference theme was “Experience the Magic that is Veteran’s Education” which was fitting for the Orlando venue.
    • There ain’t no party like a DARS party! The MN State Transfer Specialists and DARS User Conference was held at Breezy Point Resort in Brainerd. Gail, Sarah, Heather, Ivy, Jolene and Jim were in attendance, along with Audrey from Admissions. Sessions focused on best practices in transfer, TES/Transferology updates, DARS tips and tricks, and system office updates. It is a great opportunity to network with our colleagues from other MN institutions and the system office.
    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Homecoming 1


    • Gail and Sarah decided to see what Cedar Rapids Iowa had to offer when they whisked away to the Upper Midwest Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (UMACRAO) conference in November. They were joined by colleagues from Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota to learn how to “Become Agents of Change for Student Success”. Sessions focused on ways to better serve our students, including topics on commencement, mentoring, social media and digital technologies, and the always entertaining FERPA! This was Sarah’s last year serving as membership chair for the organization.
    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Holidays


    • We celebrated the holiday season and prepared to celebrate our graduates during winter commencement!


    Registrar Staff on State Transfer Teams

    MSUM and the Registrar’s Office are involved at the system level with shaping the transfer process. Two new roles for staff have recently occurred. Jolene Richardson has joined the Transfer Tactical Team. Jim Anderson has joined the Transfer Advisory Group. Both groups will help shape the transfer process between system institutions, especially between the two-year and four-year institutions.

    Now that the Transfer Pathways are being implemented, two new groups have formed with the charge to help the system office move that initiative forward. The Transfer Governance Team will provide oversight and strategic direction for both transfer as a whole as well as the Transfer Pathways. In addition, the Transfer Tactical Team will provide expert recommendations and analyses to the Transfer Governance Team on issues and projects needed in the implementation process. This team may call on subject matter experts to assist in the work as needed.

    The Transfer Advisory Group (TAG) has been in effect for a number of years. It specifically provides planning for events to increase communication between transfer specialists. The events include the Transfer Specialist Conference, the Transfer Orientation, and the Regional Transfer meetings.

    Thank you fall, Next…

    bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Spring 2019

    Out with fall and in with the new year! Before spring semester 2019 classes begin on January 14 , 2019, please take a look at the following reminders:

    Faculty: As you return to classes for the spring 2019 semester, please check your class lists on eServices under class management. Please be aware of the time and where your classes are meeting, as that can change after the semester begins. Students are not allowed to sit in classes they are not registered for.

    Drop/Add Deadline: The deadline for dropping a course(s) without financial penalty and/or adding a course(s) is January 18, 2019, at 4 p.m. No entry will be made in a student’s record if a course is dropped before this date.

    Class Permissions: After the January 18 deadline, a student can no longer add courses via eServices. A department issued ‘registration permit’ will be required to add any courses and must be processed in the Registrar’s Office. The permit must be signed by the student and the instructor teaching the course. Permits can be found in departments or on the Registrar’s Office website under Forms.

    Holds: If issues occur while trying to add or drop a course, it maybe because of a hold or certain restriction on the course. To see a list of common reasons along with the error message and possible solution, go to the following link: Common Registration Problems

    Withdrawal Deadline: Students may continue to drop classes after January 18, but will receive a ‘W’ on their academic record and will remain financially responsible for tuition and fees. Withdrawal deadlines vary for half term and full term sessions. For most full-term sessions the deadline is April 23, 2019; however we advise students to check their eServices for specific withdrawal deadlines for each course.

    Waitlists: Waitlists for the 2019 spring semester courses will end on January 18, 2019. Waitlists are lists of students waiting to get registered for a course that is full. If a student is on a waitlist for a course, they will receive a notification sent to their email account. The student will have 24 hours after being notified to go to eServices and register for the course.

    Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow…

    We asked the staff in our office what their New Year’s resolution is for 2019.

    Heather – Conquer Earth, Nap More

    Sarah – Exercise (my right to eat) more (tacos).

    Jill – Be financially responsible and charge everything to credit cards. If I pay the minimum owed I’ll have a lot more cash!

    Joanne – Start stamping XOXO on all MSUM transcripts.

    Cathy – Work on my memory. What resolution?

    Shawn – My New Year’s Resolution? I’ll probably keep it at 1280 X 1024 like always. Thanks for asking.

    Gail – Be more awesome than last year.

    Jolene – I don’t call them New Year’s resolutions. I prefer the term, “Casual promises to myself I’m under no legal obligation to fulfill.”

    Jim – My New Year’s resolution is simply to remember to write 2019 instead of 2018.

    Ivy – Take a walk every day. Or at least briefly consider it.

    Curriculum Approval Timeline

    Courses effective for FALL 2019 must be approved by March 6 (this is the date schedule is published online and before advising begins on March 11). This means it must go through all stages of the curriculum process AND be approved at meet and confer by Feb. 14. If not approved by this date, the course can only be effective for spring 2020 or later.

    Programs effective for FALL 2019 must be approved by the last meet and confer date of April 11. If not approved by this date, the program can only be effective for fall 2020 or later.

     bossy Beats - January 2019 - Vol 2 No 5 - Higher Ed Stress