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  • bossy BEATS - Registrar Newsletter

    A newsletter from the Registrar’s Office at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

    Vol. 2, No. 3 | February 2018

    Vol 2 No 3 - Registrar History

    Did you all know the Registrar’s Office use to have windows for different functions? Look at all of those paper forms! And that sign is fantastic. “No friends? No Calls? No Mail?Maybe no one can find you? Change your address and change your life!”

    Registration Through the Years

    Let’s take a quick look back through time shall we?

    1980’s…students would go to the Registrar’s Office for paper course schedules, meet with their advisor to plan their schedule and write it down on their advisor approval card. The Registrar’s Office would set up shop for a week in the Union Ballroom and manually register each student for courses! If a course filled up, the staff would hang up a sign on the wall under the subject that indicated the course was full.

    1990’s…students would use a Dragon Dial Phone System to register for courses. For the staff that wasn’t around during that time, here is how we imagine it went.
    If you haven’t met with your advisor and are trying to register with no guidance at all, press 1
    If you are trying to register for a full course, press 2
    If you are trying to register for a course with pre-reqs and you clearly do not have the pre-reqs, press 3
    To complain about the registration system, press 4
    For the meaning of life, press 5
    For a parent trying to register for their child, press 6
    If you have met with your advisor and are actually prepared to register, press 7 and an actual person will assist you!
    Callers choosing options 1-6 will be redirected to a loop of the song “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips.

    2000’s…Computer registration at last! MnSCU develops an online registration system called eServices, which we currently use today. We have come a long way!
    So now that we took a look back in time, let’s look forward to the future. Check out the second page to view your important reminders for upcoming advising and registration for summer and fall 2018.
    Registration for summer and fall courses begins on April 3, 2018.


    Registrar FAQ

    What is a cross-listed course?
    A cross-listed course is one that is offered by more than one discipline, department or faculty, but has the same content and in which students should expect to have the same or similar experience (same curricula, credits, etc.). Cross-listed courses must have the same course title and number.
    Cross listing should only be used to facilitate accreditation needs or share resources. It shouldn't be used to boost numbers, have all courses with the same rubric, etc. For courses to qualify for cross-listing, the departments wishing to cross-list must demonstrate that each will be responsible for supplying resources to the course and the course will be taught collaboratively by each department.
    It is important to understand that a cross-listed course is a single course offered collaboratively through two units. When a cross-listed course is offered, it must be scheduled through both departments and will be published under both listings in the course schedule. It is the responsibility of both departments to coordinate the scheduling and maintenance of a cross-listed course.


    Vol 2 No 3 - Bossy Meme


    No Foolin! Registration begins on April 3rd

    Access Codes – access codes will be loaded into the system the end of February. All degree seeking students need an access code to register for fall semester. Non-degree seeking students, graduate students and students with previously earned baccalaureate degrees do not need an access code. Access codes are NOT needed for summer course registration. The Registrar’s Office does NOT release access codes to students.

    Advising – advising for summer and fall begins on March 12. ALL degree-seeking students are required to meet with their advisor to obtain their access codes and plan their course schedule. The Academic Support Center website is a great resource for advising.
    Please encourage your advisees to use Schedule Planner to plan out their courses for the fall semester. Schedule Planner can be found in eServices.

    Registration – registration times are set according to the number of credits a student has earned. In progress credits do not count. Watch for future email with registration window information.

    Summer 2018 – information on summer courses and registration can be found on the summer session page at Summer session calendar, add/drop deadlines, and grading deadlines can also be found on this site.

    Schedule – the summer and fall schedule will be published online on March 2nd. If you need to make a schedule change, please contact Joanne Strandlien in the Registrar’s Office.


    vol 2 no 3 - Student Schedule Planner

    Student Schedule Planner

    Quickly finding the perfect class schedule, Just got easier!
    Launch the schedule planner by logging into your eservices account. You can easily add courses, block off break times, and instantly generate all possible schedules.

    • Academic Advising starts March 12th
    • Registration for summer/fall starts April 3rd

    Avoid scheduling headaches and experience registration success!


    Curriculum Corner

    Courses effective for FALL 2018 must be approved by March 2, 2018. This means the course must go through all stages of the curriculum approval process and be approved at Meet and Confer by Feb. 15, 2018.
    Programs effective for FALL 2018 must be approved by the last Meet and Confer date of April 19, 2018.


    Registrar Office Stats for 2017

    Huey Lewis would say “We be Working for a Living.”

    • 1500 Graduation Applications/Degrees Conferred
    • 2500 Major/Minor/Advisor changes processed
    • 2500 Transcripts evaluated
    • 6636 Transcript requests
    • 204 Curriculum changes
      144 courses/60 programs
    • 130 Veteran certifications
    • 2831 Course exceptions processed
    • 178 Academic Appeals reviewed
    • 126 Students readmitted for fall 2017
    • 3458 Course sections created
      Summer 2017 - 428
      Fall 2017 - 1571
      Spring 2018 - 1459
    • 1 Million Times Heather should have kept her mouth shut