Student Worker Statement of FERPA Understanding

I understand that by virtue of my employment at Minnesota State University Moorhead, I may have access to student educational records containing individually identifiable information, the disclosure of which is prohibited by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Along with the right to access comes the responsibility to maintain the privacy rights of students. The Student Handbook and Academic Bulletin discuss policy regarding student records at MSU Moorhead. "Student records are open to members of the faculty and staff who have a legitimate need to know their contents..." Public information may be released (includes name, local and permanent address, email address, phone numbers, major and minor fields of study, class level, dates of enrollment, full-time part-time status, awards, honors, degrees, and photographs taken and maintained by the university.)

You may release any information found on the ST1101UG screen unless there is a RED Confidential Hold appearing on the screen.

Grades, Student ID's, social security numbers, and class schedules should not be released to anyone other than the student.

I have read the above and agree to maintain the confidentiality of student records.

Proceed to the form verifying your understanding of these guidelines.