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  • DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)

Registrar's Office

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  • uAchieve (Degree Audit Reporting System - DARS)

    DARS is the Degree Audit Reporting System. It provides assistance in determining a student's progress in the completion of their chosen degree program. It lists the requirements needed to complete your academic program, the coursework you have completed and the coursework still needed to obtain your degree. This information is shown in a document called an audit.

    To view your DARS interactive audit report:

    • Login to e-services with your Star ID and password
    • From the left menu select "Grades and Transcripts"
    • Select "Interactive Degree Audit Report"

    NOTE: The Registrar's Office must have the correct major on file in order to produce an accurate audit report.

    To update major and/or minor, print and complete the Major/Minor Change Form.

    It is important to review your DARS report carefully once a semester to ensure it represents what you are expecting in terms of graduation planning and degree completion. Questions concerning your DARS report can be addressed by your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office.