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  • Last Date of Attendance

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  • Last Date of Attendance

    There are three attendance options when working with the Last Date of Attendance (LDA).

    1. Yes Completed Term – student did attend the class.
    2. Partially Stopped Attending- student attended the class at least once, but unofficially withdrew at some point in the term.
    3. No Never Attended-student has never attended the class.

    If you have students on your class roster who are no longer in attendance, it is important that you enter their last date of attendance before proceeding to enter grades for the remaining students.

    Under e-services click on “Class Lists” and your class roster will appear:

    1. Scroll down to the student who has not been in attendance and click on the LDA field
    2. Confirm you have the correct student
    3. Enter the last day attended in the box provided (use mm/dd/yyyy)
    4. Click on “submit” when completed
    5. You may use the “cancel” button at any time to return to your class list

    Doing this will record a grade of “F” for this student.

    If the student processed a formal withdrawal by the deadline, their name will not appear on your class roster, and a “W” will appear on their transcript.

    For specific instructions and screenshots, view this PDF.