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  • Grading System

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  • Grading System

    The college operates on a semester system. After each semester students may retrieve their grades by logging into their e-services account. 

    Letter Grade Explanation   Grade Points  
    A+ Excellent 4.00
    A Excellent 4.00
    A- Excellent 3.67
    B+ Good 3.33
    B Good 3.00
    B- Good 2.67
    C+ Average 2.33
    C Average 2.00
    C- Average 1.67
    D+ Passing 1.33
    D Passing 1.00
    D- Passing .67
    F Failure 0.00
    FN     Failure for Non-Attendance  
    I Incomplete  
    IP In Progress  
    P Pass  
    S Satisfactory  
    AU Audit  
    EX Exchange in Progress  
    W Withdrawal  
    Z Grade Missing  


    Grade Point Average

    The grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the number of grade points earned in a given course or courses by the number of credits attempted. The GPA is based on MSUM grades only. Transfer courses are not used in computing the GPA.

    Credits with grades of “P”, “I”, “IP”, “AU”, “W”, or “EX” are not included in computing the GPA.

    Credits with grades of “F” and “FN” are included in computing the GPA.

    Click here for a calculator that will do the math for you.