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  • FERPA Quick Reference

Registrar's Office

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  • FERPA Quick Reference

    Minnesota State University Moorhead's Student Record Policy governs the conduct of University employees who act in the student's educational interest within the limits of the employee's need to know.

    Student records maintained by the University fall into two general categories: public directory information and educational records. As an employee of the university you have access to both categories. It is your responsibility to be aware of the FERPA policy.

    You must:

    • Store information under secure conditions.
    • Make every effort to ensure students' privacy.
    • Refuse to discuss contents of student records unless there is a legitimate educational interest attached to the discussion.
    • Destroy printed information per departmental procedures.
    • Release information to a third party only if authorized approval is given.
    • Never represent summary data from files as "official" university data.

    What does all this mean?

    • Do not leave confidential information unattended.
    • Do not share your password with anyone.
    • Clear your screen when you leave your workstation.
    • Do not post grades in a public place using Name, Dragon ID or SSN.
    • Do not leave graded papers in a public place for pickup.
    • Check for a confidential warning (Red Notice) on a students record before giving out directory information.
    • Do not give out a student's class schedule to anyone.
    • Do not give out grades over the phone.
    • Always ask for a picture ID from the student before discussing their record.

    What is Directory Information?

    Directory information is public information and you may release this information, and only this information without written consent of the student. First, you must make certain the student does not have a confidential hold on their record.

    • Name
    • Local and Permanent Address
    • E-mail address
    • Phone numbers
    • Major and minor
    • Class level
    • Dates of enrollment
    • Full-time/part-time status
    • Degrees, Honors and Awards
    • Past and present participation in sports and activities
    • Height and weight of athletes
    • Photographs taken and maintained by the university for various purposes (excluding pictures taken for photo ID cards)

    If you have any questions contact Heather Soleim, 218.477.4060,