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  • Faculty Overrides on the Web

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  • Faculty Overrides on the Web

    Login to e-services, click on “Class Management” from the left hand menu and then select “Faculty Overrides”. Make certain the correct term is displayed. Select an Edit Code from the pull down menu.

    You may have to enter more than one override depending on what message the student is getting when they are attempting to register for the course.

    There are many edit codes to choose from. The most popular overrides are:

    • 12 Course requires special permission
    • 13 Requested course is full
    • 58 Students must take/pass test or satisfy course pre-reqs

    DO NOT USE Edit Code 16 

    Once you have selected the correct override from the pull down menu, insert the student’s Star ID and the six-digit course ID number. You also have the option to insert a begin and end date to limit the student’s available time to register for the course. If you do not enter a date, the student will be able to register for the course anytime throughout the registration period. Click on the Process button to submit the override.

    Completing the override will only give the student permission to register for the course. This process DOES NOT REGISTER the student in the course. Once you have entered the override, the student must login to the registration system and register for the course.

    For specific instructions and screenshots, view this PDF.