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  • How to Read Your DARS Audit

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  • How to Read Your DARS Audit

    DARS - Top

    Top Header

    Student name, Dragon ID/Star ID, name of institution and program of study

    Audit Charts

    • Pie chart of your progress towards the minimum overall credit requirement. If you position your cursor over a section of the pie chart, the credits for that section will be displayed.
    • Vertical bar graph of your overall GPA.


    • Horizontal bar graph which details credits in Core/Lib study, Major, and Upper division requirements. The dark green section indicates the total number of credits earned; the light green section indicates number of credits currently in-progress, including those credits currently registered for; the pink section indicates number of credits needed to complete the minimum total credits required.
    • Horizontal bar graph which details GPA in each category.


    By clicking on any of the “Categories”, additional information for the selected “Category” will be displayed.


    To return to the main page, select “Audit” in the upper left hand section of the audit.

    Degree Requirement Text

    When you first open your audit, the degree requirements are set so that all sections are open. Clicking on “Close All Sections” link will collapse the audit back to only requirement titles. Click on “Open All Sections” link to expand the audit to show the detail for all requirements. If you wish to view details on an individual requirement, you can do so by clicking on the small, gray triangle to the left of the requirement title as you scroll down the audit.


    Green text/check mark = OK, Red text/X = Not Completed

    DARS - Bottom

    Printing the Audit

    Select the “Printer Friendly” button located under the horizontal bar graphs. The audit will print all of the open sections.