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  • Tornado & Weather Emergencies

Public Safety

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  • Tornado & Weather Emergencies

    • Tornado Watch means tornadoes are possible in our area. Remain alert for approaching storms, and be prepared to seek shelter.
    • Tornado Warning means a tornado is imminent or has been indicated by Doppler radar or reported by storm spotters. Move to a pre-designated Severe Weather Safe Area immediately!
    • Severe Thunderstorm Watch means severe thunderstorms are possible in your area.
    • Severe Thunderstorm Warning means a severe thunderstorm is imminent or has been indicated by Doppler radar or reported by storm spotters.

    Tornado sirens are located on Livingston Lord Library's roof and sounded when MSUM lies in a tornado's path. These sirens are intended to be heard outside of buildings and are not designed to be heard inside every building.

    What to Do During a Tornado Warning

    • When the tornado sirens sound or a tornado has been sighted, go to a safe shelter immediately.
    • Move to a building's pre-designated Severe Weather Safe Area. These locations include lower level interior hallways and rooms away from windows. Assist those with special needs in getting to the safe area. 
    • Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. The large brick buildings on campus are of reinforced construction and should provide adequate shelter. Avoid upper level rooms, auditoriums and gymnasiums with large roofs. 
    • Close doors to rooms with exterior windows. Do NOT use any elevator. Cover your neck and face with folded arms. Stay there until the danger has passed and the "all clear" message is received. 
    • Get out of vehicles immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy nearby building or a storm shelter. 
    • If caught outside with no shelter, lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands. 
    • Never try to outrun a tornado in a car or truck; instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safe shelter. Tornadoes are erratic and move swiftly. 
    • Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most fatalities and injuries.

    Do not call 911 unless you need to report an emergency, such as a fire, medical emergency or severe building damage. 911 lines need to be kept open and available for emergency calls.