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    Flooding can occur due to major rainstorms, water main breaks, or loss of power to sump pumps.

    In case of imminent or actual flooding:

    • Contact Public Safety (218.477.2449) and report the incident.
    • If you can do so safely:
      • Secure vital equipment, records, and hazardous materials by moving to higher, safer ground.
      • Shut off all non-essential electrical equipment.
      • Wait for instructions from Public Safety or Physical Plant.
    • Move all personnel to a safe area, away from the building in danger. Locate those persons with special needs, and provide assistance if possible. Otherwise, provide their location to emergency responders.
    • Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by Public Safety or Physical Plant.
    • Call the Physical Plant (218.477.2662) for assistance with flood clean-up.

    Gas Leak - Fumes - Vapors

    If you detect natural gas, fumes or vapors:

    • Call Public Safety (218.477.2449).
    • Clear the area immediately if instructed to do so by the dispatcher, providing assistance to those with special needs.
    • Provide your location, the location of the odor, and as many details as possible to the dispatcher.

    If a building or area evacuation is ordered by the emergency responders:

    • Leave all ventilation systems operating unless instructed otherwise by emergency responders.
    • Leave the area immediately, avoiding the use of elevators unless necessary.
    • Identify those persons with special needs, and provide assistance if possible. Otherwise, provide their location to emergency responders.
    • Report to your building's Designated Assembly Area to be accounted for.

    Power Outage

    In the event of a power outage, many campus buildings are supplied with emergency power and/or generators to power critical operations. Most facilities are provided with emergency lighting to aid in the safe evacuation of the building.

    To report a localized power outage, contact Public Safety (218.477.2449).

    Be prepared:

    • Keep a flashlight with spare batteries immediately accessible.
    • Know how to locate the closest exit.

    In the event of a large-scale power outage:

    • Remain calm.
    • If building evacuation becomes necessary, seek out persons with special needs and provide assistance, if possible.
    • Secure all vital equipment, records, experiments, and hazardous materials if safe to do so. Store all chemicals in their original or marked containers and fully open all fume hoods. If this is not possible, or natural ventilation is not adequate, evacuate the area until power is restored.
    • Do not light candles or other types of flames for lighting.
    • Unplug electrical equipment, including computers, and turn off the light switches.

    If people are trapped in an elevator:

    • If you are able to communicate with them, let the passengers know help has been summoned.
    • Call Public Safety (218.477.2449).
    • Provide specific location information and number of individuals involved to the dispatcher.
    • Stay near the passengers if safe to do so, until emergency responders are on site and the elevator is identified.