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  • Emergency Phone Numbers & Code Blue Phone System

Public Safety

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  • Emergency Phone Numbers

    To report any police, fire, or medical emergency, call:

    • From campus: 911; Public Safety at 2449; or use the Code Blue phone system. 
    • Off campus or from a cell phone: 911 AND Public Safety at 218.477.2449 

    To report any non-fire building emergency call:

    • From campus: Public Safety at 2449 or use the Code Blue phone system. 
    • Off campus or from a cell phone: Public Safety at 218.477.2449 

    When reporting an emergency:

    • Stay on the line with the dispatcher.
    • Provide the address of the building involved and your exact location. This is especially critical if you are calling from a cell phone.
    • Provide a thorough description of the incident to ensure that proper resources are dispatched.
    • Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so.

    Code Blue Phone System

    Code Blue phones are installed in campus buildings and exterior locations allowing high visibility and quick access for incident reporting and general information. These telephones have highly visible push buttons on an illuminated faceplate. For general campus information push the "Info" or "Call" button and wait for a response. For security purposes a single push on the "Help" or "Emergency" button summons Public Safety, allows the dispatcher to hear what is going on, pinpoints the exact location of the trouble, and triggers the bright blue police-type strobe light on top of the phone. This brightly lights the surrounding area. Once activated, wait for the dispatcher to verbally respond before you begin talking. If you are in physical danger, activate the Code Blue phone system and immediately move to a safe area. Once the phone system is activated the dispatcher will send an officer to the phone's location.