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  • Key & Card Access FAQs

Public Safety

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  • Key & Card Access FAQs

  • Keys must be requested through the online key request form. This can be accessed by your Administrative Assistant, Chair, or Dean of the respective department. Email and phone calls will not be an acceptable means to request keys. Once the request has been completed, an email will be sent to the key holder letting them know when the keys are ready to be picked up. (We only hold requested keys for 30 days. If not picked up they are returned to our inventory.)

    The Key and Card Access office is located in the Public Safety building on campus, 1616 9th Ave South. Keys can be picked up at any time.

    All faculty, staff and students have a due date on their keys. For faculty and staff it is a way for the key office to inventory issued keys and for faculty/staff to evaluate if their keys are still needed and a reminder of what they have on their record with us. Often keys issued to students are for a specific class and need to be returned when the class has ended.

    Before the due date approaches the key holder will receive a courtesy email reminding them of the approaching due date. At this time they are responsible to request an extension on the due date. Requests can be directed toward your professor/or otherwise suited faculty. If the due date passes without keys returned or an extension request sent via the online form a late/lost fine of $30.00 per key is applied to your student account. Key fines may be appealed via the online form.

    If campus keys are missing/stolen/lost, you must inform the Key office immediately. There is a minimum fine of $30.00 per key. If the keys are later found and returned in working condition, the fine will be credited.

    Fines are applied to student accounts at the MSUM Business Office if keys are late or lost. To appeal a fine you must fill out the online Key Fine Appeal form.

    If a key does not open the door you need to wiggle it in the lock. If there is an issue with the key, contact the key office at 218.477.2925.

    Public Safety has an after-hours drop box in the entryway of our building. If you need to return a key after business hours, place the key in a MSUM envelope (located at drop box). Write your name and Dragon ID on the envelope and drop in the box. The key will be credited to your account on the following business day.

    No. Our records will reflect that you are holding the key. Any discrepancies with the key will be your responsibility, which includes all fines. Keys must be returned to our office before they can be issued to another individual.

    No. If this individual was allowed to be in this room, they would have their own key.

  • Has your question not been answered? You can e-mail, or call 218.477.2925.

  • Cards have an expiration date, they can also become damaged. This may be the reason your card is no longer working. Your access level might have come across its due date. You can call 218.477.2925 to check. If your card has expired, you will need to get a new one at IT. If your card does not carry the access level you can request access through our online form. This can be accessed by your Administrative Assistant, Chair, or Dean of the respective department.

    You do not have access to this area.

    Cards can expire or become damaged. Call 218.477.2925 for your card to be checked.

    Contact your professor, dean, chair or director to request access for you.

    Contact Sodexo at 218.477.2836. We only deal with the access levels of your card.