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  • Crime Prevention & Resources

    If you witness a crime:

    • If you witness a crime or become the victim of a crime, call 911 to report the incident to Moorhead Police.
    • If you observe a person commit a crime, do not block their avenue of escape. Instead, get a good description of the person, note their direction of travel, and obtain vehicle information if pertinent.
    • Do not follow the person. Let the person leave the scene. If followed, the person may panic and cause you harm.

    Personal Safety Tips

    • Do not let people into a locked building or office unless you work with them or they have been properly identified. If the person gives you any problems, call Public Safety (218.477.2449).
    • In the event that a suspicious person is seen roaming around, or suspicious calls are received, contact Public Safety immediately.
    • Always keep the door to your room locked when you are working alone.
    • Don't investigate a suspicious person or noise outside by yourself.
    • Keep a list of emergency numbers with you. Add Public Safety (218.477.2449) to your cell phone speed dial.
    • Never walk alone at night. Let someone know where you are going. Walk in an alert and confident manner, and actively pay attention to your surroundings.
    • Be alert. If you are being followed, head quickly to a lighted area, building or group of people.
    • Choose the best lit, most traveled paths when walking. Avoid walking or jogging alone at night, particularly in isolated area with limited lighting.
    • Do not prop open exterior doors that are supposed to be locked.
    • Report any door card access problems and/or concerns to accesshelp@mnstate.edu
    • Call for a Public Safety Escort (218.477.2449).

    Resource Information

    • Emergency: 911
    • Public Safety non-emergency: 218.477.2449
    • Moorhead Police non-emergency: 218.299.5120
    • Public Safety Escorts: 218.477.2449