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  • Department IRB Instructions


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  • Department IRB Instructions

    Please submit three copies of all the materials listed below to the Chair of Psychology Departmental Review Committee (Dr. Nickell) at least two weeks prior to the anticipated start date. Additional time should be allowed where institutional review appears necessary. Note: We ask for 3 copies, rather than the usual 2 required by the university IRB, so that the student will receive a copy back.

    1. IRB Human Research Approval Form with Ethical Compliance Questionnaire
      IRB is the Minnesota State University Moorhead Institutional Review Board. IRB Forms and other related information can be found on the IRB website.
    2. Abstract 
    3. Method (Participants, Materials, Procedure plus non-standard questionnaires or tests) 
    4. Informed Consent Form (see IRB guidelines and Sample Informed Consent)
    5. Debriefing Statement (when applicable, see Sample Debriefing)
      A record of department approval must be on file before data are collected.

      Upon completion of the review, one copy is returned to the principal investigator (faculty member), one to the co-investigator (e.g., student), and one copy will be retained by the department. Department copies are kept for 3 years.
    6. Project Completion/Continuing Review
      All researchers must complete a Project Completion/Continuing Review Form to the chair of the Psychology Department Review Board at the end project or by the end of each academic year. This form for student research projects should be submitted by the end of the semester that the study is conducted. 

    Note: It is the principle researchers’ (faculty member) responsibility to provide secure storage for the Informed Consent forms and any audio/video tapes or photographs. These items must also be maintained for three years.

    Note: It is not the committee’s function to pass judgment on the merit of the research design, except in cases where design issues may bear on compliance with ethical guidelines.