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  • The GRE & Graduate Study

Psi Chi & Psychology Club

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  • The GRE & Graduate Study 

    Preparing for the GRE:

    • Take practice tests (there are options available on-line and GRE study books are available on-site in the psychology student lounge.)
    • The GRE website offers classes (for a fee) that focus on helping students improve their scores. They even have phone apps!
    • DON'T CRAM!!! Begin studying for the GRE tests as soon as possible, give yourself several weeks to prepare.
    • Pick a date that works for you. Finals time is not't probably the best place to schedule in the GRE.

    Taking the GRE:

    • Get a good night's sleep the night before. Eat a light meal before the test.
    • Avoid last-minute cramming. It probably won't have much, if any, benefit and it will just make you more nervous.
    • Set a pace that you are comfortable with. By taking the practice tests, you can learn what pace works for you so that you aren't left with several questions unanswered in the last minutes of the testing session.
    • Take any offered breaks throughout the test. This will give your brain a few moment to relax and regroup. Walk around, use the restroom, and get a drink.
    • Learn how the test is scored. That way you can make wise decisions as to whether it is better to make an educated guess vs. leaving answers blank. 

    We are currently in the process of expanding this portion of Psi Chi's website to bring you detailed and helpful information on navigating the process of applying to graduate school in Psychology.

    In the meantime, you can go directly to the GRE's website. or you can visit the Psychology Department for helpful links.

    Future Topics:

    • Writing a Personal Statement/Letter of Intent
    • Letters of Recommendation

    Graduate School Informational PowerPoints