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  • FY 2009 Funded Work Plan Initiatives

Office of the President

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  • FY 2009 Funded Work Plan Initiatives

    $634,358 Allocated for FY 2009 Work Plan Initiatives; 16 Work Plan Initiatives Funded

    The University Planning & Budget Committee recommended funding 16 work plan initiatives for Fiscal Year 2009 at its meeting on Thursday, May 1, 2008. The recommendations follow a month-long review of proposals for the new fiscal year that were presented by Academic Affairs, Athletics, Facilities & Administration, Student Affairs, University Advancement, and University Development & Alumni Relations.

    The committee made its selections from 33 proposed initiatives that totaled $1,383,028.

    Each division of the University prepared a master work plan presentation for the University Planning & Budget Committee outlining Fiscal Year 2009 priorities. Based on the presentation and discussion, the University Planning & Budget Committee recommended and President Barden approved funding the following work plan initiatives for FY 2009. (Click on the project name to access the executive project summary.)

    MSUM Strategic Direction 1: Provide Access and Opportunity

    $16,000 Emergency Blue Light Telephones (phase IV)
    $24,158 Enrollment Management Position
    $20,000 Increase Graduate Assistantships
    $20,500 International Recruitment Funds
    $60,000 Program Coordinator for TOCAR/ Director, Women's Center
    $33,000 Safety and Security Personnel

    MSUM Strategic Direction 2: Foster a Learning Environment for Student Success

    $40,000 Academic Advisor for School of Nursing and Health
    $20,000 Athletic Department Staffing
    $14,200 Dragons After Dark
    $65,000 Institutional Research Analyst
    $31,500 Upgrade Campus Network—Phase IV of V

    MSUM Strategic Direction 3: Inspire Life-Long Learning

    $135,000 Instructional Reserve for Dragon Core & FYE Pilot in School of Business  

    MSUM Strategic Direction 4: Expand and Support Community

    $70,000 Recruitment & Image Advertising Initiative, Phase IV  
    $30,000 Special Major Gifts Initiative FY 2009

    MSUM Strategic Direction 5: Innovate to Enhance Efficiency

    $35,000 Development Coordinator/Fund Raiser
    $20,000 Facilities & Administration Training

    University Planning & Budget Committee membership includes:

    • Roland Barden, President (Chairperson)
    • Bette Midgarden, Vice President Academic Affairs
    • Dan Kirk, Vice President Facilities & Administration
    • Warren Wiese, Vice President Student Affairs
    • Doug Hamilton, Executive Director Public Relations
    • Brittney Goodman, Associate VP, Instructional Resources
    • Rinita Dalan, IFO, Anthropology & Earth Science
    • Barb Matthees, IFO, Nursing
    • Larry Schwartz, IFO, Instructional Resources
    • Scott Seltveit, IFO, Technology
    • Cliff Schuette, MSUAASF, Counseling Center
    • Bryan Kotta, MAPE, Information Technology
    • Andrew Johnson, AFSCME, Instructional Media
    • Nancy Kruse, AFSCME, Continuing Studies
    • Jered Weber, Student, Student Senate President
    • Laura Zeiher, Student, Student Senate Vice President
    • Jennifer Ohren, Student, Student Senator
    • Jean Hollaar, ex-officio, University Planning & Budget Officer