What Makes MSUM Special

  • During the 2013-14 school year, members of the academic community put a great deal of thought into defining our mission, core values and vision and priorities. Next, we refined and focused these high-level, broad concepts into statements that can be used to guide our daily efforts to focus on student success, and our regional and global position.

    In short, these extensions of our strategic concepts define what makes us special.

    Purpose (Why do we do what we do?)
    The simplest and most idealistic answer is that our purpose is to transform the world by transforming lives.

    Our Core Values (How do we behave?)

    • Grit
    • Humility
    • Heart

    Aspirational Value (We commit to making this as pervasive as our core values)
    Diversity and inclusion of people and ideas

    "Permission to Play" Values (These are the expectations of membership in our academic community)
    Integrity and mutual respect in our behavior and interactions

    Strategic Anchors (How will we succeed?)
    We will succeed by:

    • Focusing relentlessly on student achievement and students’ return on their investment;
    • Embedding and supporting diversity in every facet of the university; and
    • Ensuring that MSUM is indispensable to the social, cultural, and economic advancement of Moorhead and the surrounding region.