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  • MSUM Mission Statement

Office of the President

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  • Mission Statement

    Minnesota State University Moorhead is a caring community promising all students the opportunity to discover their passions, the rigor to develop intellectually and the versatility to shape a changing world.

    Core Commitments

    The University is committed to the core values inherent in its mission and vision:

    • Excellence in all we do
    • Integrity and mutual respect in our conduct and interactions
    • Diversity and inclusion of people and ideas
    • Responsibility to our students and society
    • Engagement with the local and global communities

    Strategic Vision

    Minnesota State University Moorhead will be

    • A leader in student success
    • A campus that reflects the world in which our graduates live and work
    • A University that provides an education of lifelong relevance
    • A place of transformation where students become graduates who are progressive leaders in their professions and their communities

    Strategic Priorities: 2013-2018

    To enact its mission and achieve its strategic vision, the University has established the following strategic priorities to guide planning, decision making, and resource allocation for the next five years:

    Priority 1: Partner with industry and civic leaders to meet workforce and community needs

    • Align programs and majors with high growth occupations
    • Add graduate programs and online programs to serve professional and place-bound audiences
    • Use emerging technology to prepare students to succeed in a global community
    • Ensure all students have both the broad-based and field-specific knowledge, skills and dispositions desired by employers

    Priority 2: Provide real-world opportunities for students to apply learning

    • Provide every student with the opportunity to apply knowledge in a professional or field setting, such as an internship
    • Create and support faculty-student partnerships that provide applied learning experiences
    • Provide opportunities for students to simulate cross-disciplinary work teams that mirror those they will encounter in the work place
    • Develop cross-disciplinary centers that bring together faculty and students from diverse fields to focus on solutions to complex problems

    Priority 3: Connect students, faculty, and staff in meaningful relationships with one another and the community

    • Develop and support activities that build community and create a sense of place
    • Connect students with personal and professional growth opportunities in the local and global communities
    • Engage students in service learning and leadership development activities that enrich our communities and produce life-long career skills

    Priority 4: Create a campus community that reflects the diversity of the global community

    • Increase the diversity of our student body with an emphasis on those who have been underserved by higher education and represent the fastest growing populations in the state
    • Provide an education that prepares students to work and lead in a diverse, global society

    Priority 5: Attain excellence in our programs and services

    • Establish clear and ambitious goals for every campus unit
    • Reallocate resources to achieve efficiencies and invest in our strategic priorities
    • Recognize and celebrate the successes of our students, faculty and staff