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MSU Moorhead
Office of the President
203 Owens Hall
1104 Seventh Ave. S.
Moorhead, MN 56563
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MSUM FY 2007 Planning, Budgeting, and Institutional Effectiveness

$590,000 Allocated for FY 2007 Work Plan Initiatives

The University Planning & Budget Committee recommended funding 19 work plan initiatives for Fiscal Year 2007 at its meeting on Thursday, May 11, 2006.  The recommendations follow a semester-long review of proposals for the new fiscal year that were presented by Alumni Foundation, Athletics, University Advancement, Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, and Student Affairs. 

The committee made its selections from 47 proposed initiatives that totaled $1,377,478.

Each division of the University prepared a master work plan presentation for the University Planning & Budget Committee outlining Fiscal Year 2007 priorities.  Based on the presentation and discussion, the University Planning & Budget Committee recommended and President Barden approved funding the following work plan initiatives for FY 2007.

Alumni Foundation Responsible Officer: Executive VP Hundley
$50,000       Special Major Gifts Initiative

Athletics Responsible Officer: Director Scandrett
$17,100       Assistant Swimming Coach

University Advancement Responsible Officer: Executive Director Hamilton
$19,612       Central Server for Digital Media
$40,000       Recruitment & Image Advertising (Phase II)

Academic Affairs Responsible Officer: VP Midgarden
$30,000       Continuation of Anti-Racism Across the Curriculum
$32,500       Liberal Studies/General Education Assessment Director
$34,000       MSUM Writing Director and Write Site
$20,000       Writing Across the Curriculum
$32,500       Probationary Position in Construction Management
$72,000       Special Education Partnership in the Twin Cities
$64,000       Academic Affairs Twin Cities Program Coordinator

Administrative Affairs Responsible Officer: VP Crockett
$         0       Senior Financial Reporting Officer
$20,000       Continuous Upgrade of Campus Computer Network
$23,432       Upgrade Campus Backup and Recovery System

Student Affairs Responsible Officer: VP Wiese
$55,500       Alcohol Task Force Environmental Management Plan
$  4,760       MnACC and Community Events Recruitment
$32,000       Campus Security Department
$18,019       Emergency Blue Light Telephones (Phase 2)
$24,577       Admissions Data Coordinator

University Planning & Budget Committee membership includes:
Roland Barden, President (Chairperson)
Bette Midgarden, Vice President Academic Affairs
David Crockett, Vice President Administrative Affairs
Warren Wiese, Vice President Student Affairs
Doug Hamilton, Executive Director University Advancement
Brittney Goodman, Director Instructional Resources
Barb Matthees, IFO, Nursing
Rich Pemble, IFO, Biology
Larry Schwartz, IFO, Instructional Resources
Allen Sheets, IFO, Art & Design
Cliff Schuette, MSUAASF, Counseling Center
Bryan Kotta, MAPE, Information Technology
Nancy Kruse, AFSCME, Continuing Studies
Dave Renecker, AFSCME, Physical Plant
James Cailao, Student, Student Senate President
Emily Mihal, Student
Chris Braddock, Student
Michael Redlinger, Neighborhood Representative
Jean Hollaar, ex-officio, University Planning & Budget Officer
Kayla Litsey, Student Intern, University Planning & Budget Office


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