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Thriving in the New Normal
MSUM Basic Strategies and Directions
January 20, 2010

Who We Are and Where We Are Going: Some Notes

  • Mission driven and guided by new strategic plan

    • Focus on strategic enrollment growth coupled with improvement in student success.

    • Remain mission focused and avoid temptation to be all things to all people.

    • Use strategic plan annual report to enhance alignment, transparency, and accountability.

  • Key Drivers

    • Quality educational programs

    • Student-centered orientation

    • Fiscal sustainability for new normal

    • Transparency

    • Caring community, valuing

      • Mutual respect

      • Diversity

      • Civility

    • Efficiency and quality throughout all areas

      • Employee empowerment and accountability

      • Effective supervision at all levels

      • Unit level assessment and planning

      • All efforts aligned with mission and strategic plan.

    • Effective response to external forces (e.g., demographics, competition)

  • Hurdles

    • Fear

    • Change aversion and change fatigue

    • Territoriality

    • Protection of poor performance

    • Ineffective supervision and performance evaluation

    • Miscommunication

    • Contract restrictions

    • Barnacles (Accumulated practices and beliefs that are no longer functional)

    • Seating arrangement (Do we have the right people on the bus and in the right seats?)

  • Interventions

    • Keep focus on strategic plan and annual measurement of results and progress.

    • Improve supervision throughout.

    • Evaluate all supervisors and develop improvement plans, starting at VP and AVP levels.

    • Enhance communication at all levels.

    • Develop or improve structures to keep bargaining units in the loop and engage them as partners.

    • Continue reorganization and program changes suggested by program review process.

    • Engage in LEAN process.

    • Use the transition team to advise the president on changes.

    • Provide employee professional development and retraining.

    • Enhance strategic focus on energy efficiency improvement.



Interim Communication Structures for Spring 2010
January 20, 2010

During our move to the “new normal”, there will be changes in structures and processes. To that end, we will need more communication and more opportunity for dialogue.

Monthly Communication Structures for Spring 2010

Group Frequency Purpose
Cabinet Once a month Provide updated information for administrators and opportunities to discuss developments and keep informed across divisions
Transition Team (Small group of cabinet members and union members) Once a week To advise the president on changes in structures and processes as well as on communication with the campus on such changes
Bargaining Unit Leaders
(Meeting with President, 4-5 cabinet members, and bargaining unit leaders)
Once a month To keep leaders of bargaining units in the loop regarding changes in structures or processes and to discuss items needing discussion at full bargaining unit meetings.
Bargaining Unit Executive Committee Meetings
(These meetings will include the transition team and the leaders and executive committees of all the bargaining units.)
Once a month To foster communication with bargaining units regarding changes in structures and processes.
Bargaining Unit Meet and Confer Continued as scheduled Communication and discussion of issues
Town Meetings Once a month To engage the full campus community regarding changes and other developments
Edna's E-News Twice a month Update campus on changes and opportunities
President's Office Hours At least once a month To provide opportunities for employees to discuss concerns or present ideas.


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