Pre-Health Professional Advising

  • Pre-Health Professional Committee Evaluation

    The Pre-Professional Committee at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) is tasked with compiling a thorough evaluation of students applying to professional programs requiring a committee letter of recommendation. The Committee strongly values your careful evaluation of this student. Once completed, the evaluation may be returned to the Dean’s Office in the College of Science, Health, and the Environment. Alternatively, you may also email the documents to

    Committee Evaluation Form

    [printable PDF version]

    Professional Program(s)


    Evaluator Information

    Relationship to Applicant (describe all that apply)

    How long have you known the applicant:

    Personal Traits of the Applicant

    Intellectual/Academic Potential - ability to succeed in this professional program


    Motivation - genuineness and depth of commitment


    Maturity - personal development, ability to cope with life situations


    Emotional Stability - performance under pressure, mood stability, ability to relate to others


    Interpersonal Relations - ability to get along with others, build rapport, cooperativeness


    Empathy - sensibility to the needs of others, consideration, tactfulness


    Judgment - ability to analyze a problem, common sense, decisiveness


    Resourcefulness - originality, skillful management of available resources


    Reliability - dependency, accuracy, sense of responsibility


    Communication Skills – Oral - ability to express ideas effectively


    Communication Skills – Written - ability to write clearly, spell correctly, and express ideas effectively


    Perseverance - stamina, endurance, determination


    Self Confidence - assuredness, awareness of strengths and weaknesses