Chalking Policy

  • Custodian of Policy: VP Finance & Administration
    Effective Date: Current
    Last Review: Fall 2013
    Next Review: Fall 2021


    Content of Chalking
    Approval of the content of chalking is not required. It is expected that all Chalking will be consistent with University policy. All chalk must be water based and removed within 10 days of the first day the chalking is visible. Students, student groups, Faculty, and Staff are responsible for removing Chalking and can request to have MSUM Grounds remove the chalking for a charge.

    Chalking is Allowed:
    Only by officially recognized MSUM student organizations, departments, individuals (students, faculty or staff). Chalking is allowed only on the sidewalks in the Mall area and on the main sidewalk from 11th St to 1 ih St.

    No Chalking is Allowed:
    On any steps or non-sidewalk surface, any building or any other University prope1iy except along the above route. All other chalking will be washed immediately at the expense of the individual(s) responsible for the Chalking. No individual or groups external to the University are allowed to chalk. Sponsoring of external groups is not allowed. Overwriting, erasing, defacing, or altering the chalking of another person or organization is prohibited.

    Register to Chalk:
    To register the Chalking Space, complete an "Event Request" form, which must be submitted to Public Safety no less than one week before the requested date of chalking. The request will be approved or denied within two working days by Public Safety.