Bulletin Board, Advertising, Graffiti and Publicity Policy

  • Custodian of Policy: VP Finance & Administration
    Effective Date: Current
    Last Review: Unknown
    Next Review: TBD


    For Residence Halls, Kise Commons, and Comstock Memorial Union

    1. The student union and the housing office each have their own policies on who may use bulletin boards in their respective buildings and under what circumstances. Anyone wishing to place materials on a bulletin board in these areas should check with the union administrative office or the housing office for further information.
    2. There may be times when union or housing administrators need to place notices on doors, walls, or windows, but otherwise (except for students' room doors), these spaces are to remain clear of ads, flyers, notices, and other printed materials.

    Bulletin Boards/Postings for Academic and Administrative Buildings

    1. Certain bulletin boards are reserved for the use of specific departments, programs or University organizations. The presence of a sign with the name of the department, program or organization is the indicator that neither the general campus community, nor outside groups or person may place materials on these boards. Exception to this policy may be granted by the specific departments, programs or University organizations.
    2. For all bulletin boards other than those reserved for specific departments, programs or organizations, materials may be posted according to the following provisions:
      • Individual members of the campus community may place personal ads seeking roommates, offering books for sale, advertising word processing service, etc., so long as the ad is generally related to the activities of a university. Such ads must include the name of the student, faculty member, or staff member placing the ad.
      • Materials other than personal ads must be connected with the activities of a recognized student organization or of a university department, office, or program. The name of the student organization or administrative unit must be included on the materials themselves.
      • Posted materials may not advertise profit-making goods or services available through the University, such as restaurants, bars, book sales, or other commercial services.
      • Materials must not be larger than 8-1/2"x 11" unless approved in advance by the Office of Facilities and Administration, Owens Hall 208.
      • Pushpins are required to post materials.
      • People posting materials on University bulletin boards are free to place them in a manner that covers up some previously placed material (in fact, this is usually unavoidable). The University requests that people remove materials after an event has occurred. The University will remove all materials on the general bulletin boards at the end of fall, spring semesters and summer sessions.
      • The University reserves the right to control access and activity to postings as university administration determines to be in the best interest of students and/ or the University.
      • All commercial postings in campus buildings, with the exception of the CMU and Housing, require prior approval from the Office of Facilities and Administration, Owens Hall Room 208.
    3. Exceptions to Section 2 above include the following:
      • Materials that are clearly related to student elections (e.g. notices of election, encouragement to vote, or individual campaign posters) need not have any individual or organizational sponsorship identified on them.
      • Certain ads or notices of events, which seem connected to the purposes and activities of a university, may be permitted even if they don't conform to the provisions of section 2 above (e.g. notices of educational or cultural events at Concordia or NDSU, etc.). A member of the campus community, who wishes to place materials that do not conform to the provisions of section 2 above, may seek approval to post the materials from the Office of Administrative Affairs, Owens Hall, 208.
    4. Within buildings, materials are to be placed on bulletin boards only, not on walls, windows, or doors. Exceptions to this include materials posted for certain, restricted administrative purposes or (as in a notice that a certain class has been moved or will not meet) when common sense dictates.
    5. Within classrooms, no materials may be posted except those for administrative purposes or for things related to courses that are taught in that classroom.

    Graffiti & Vandalism to University Buildings and Grounds

    1. Markings of any kind on sidewalks*, portions of any buildings or structures, internal or external, are prohibited. No materials of any sort may be attached to the buildings, doors, or windows. No materials may be attached to light poles, trees, yards, benches, trash receptacles, or vehicles in campus parking lots. Requests for exceptions to these restrictions should be directed to the Office of Administrative Affairs, Owens Hall 208.
    2. Violators of the above policy will be subject to a fee for the removal and restoration of the property altered. The fee will be for time and material.

    *See University Chalking Policy