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    Fall 2015 Shows

    The Sky Above Mr Rogers NeighborhoodThe Sky Above Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

    Oct 3 - Nov 21 | Saturdays at 11 am

    Join the residents of the popular children's PBS television show as they explore the wonders of The Sky Above Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Watch the sun set from Daniel's clock. Go stargazing from the roof of King Friday's castle. And find out if Lady Elaine Fairchild can catch the Moon for her museum in this computer-animated version of the popular children's television show.
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    From Earth to UniverseFrom Earth to the Universe

    October 3 - November 22 | Sundays at 2 pm

    The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has been the subject of campfire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as there have been people. A desire to comprehend the Universe may well be humanity’s oldest shared intellectual experience. Yet only recently have we truly begun to grasp our place in the vast cosmos. To learn about this journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today’s grandest telescopes, we invite you to experience From Earth to the Universe. Viewers can revel in the splendor of the various worlds in the Solar System and the ferocity of the scorching Sun. From Earth to the Universe then leaves our home to take the audience out to the colorful birthplaces and burial grounds of stars, and still farther out, beyond the Milky Way, to the unimaginable immensity of a myriad galaxies. Along the way, the audience will learn about the history of astronomy, the invention of the telescope, and today’s giant telescopes that allow us continue to probe ever deeper into the Universe.
    Director Theofanis N. Matsopoulos described the film as “a colourful and inspiring journey… the visuals are stunning and really speak for themselves in showing just how far humanity’s ambition has taken us in terms of observing and understanding the Universe”.


    ArtemisArtemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

    October 23-25   |   Friday & Saturday 3 pm - 11 pm,  Sunday 3 pm - 9 pm    -   Get tickets online HERE

    Want to drive a spaceship through space with your friends? Blow up enemy ships? Go on rescue or reconnaissance missions? Come and play in the planetarium!
    Artemis is a multiplayer, multi-computer networked game for Windows computers, and now IOS devices too.
    Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. One computer runs the simulation and the “main screen”, while the others serve as workstations for the normal jobs a bridge officer might do, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. Artemis is a social game where several players are together in one room (“bridge”) , and while they all work together, one player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn’t have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do.

    Muggle Magic! (FREE)

    Friday, October 30   |  6 pm - 8 pm

    Come out to MSUM and have a SPOOKTACULAR time! Family friendly events, activities and planetarium shows to delight every ghost and ghoul. The MSUM Planetarium will be presenting Hogwarts Astronomy.  Come learn about all the characters of the beloved book series who have their own place in the sky!  Join the Society of Physics Students for fun "Muggle Magic" science demos and experiments.  Best of all... it's FREE!!

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    Cosmic Origins SpectrographCosmic Origins Spectrograph

    Explore the unseen universe!
    See the cosmos through the Hubble Space Telescope's exquisite ultraviolet instrument, from hot young stars to distant quasars. Cosmic Origins Spectrograph is a fulldome look at the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph instrument installed on the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009 during Servicing Mission 4, as well as the science behind its utility. The show covers the basics of spectroscopy at a high level, and touches on the processing of galactic and extragalactic gas. Other topics include the use of quasars as background light sources, cosmic evolution, and the development of large scale structure.

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    New rates effective September 1, 2015

    • $6.00 - General Admission
    • $3.00 - Children (12 & under), Seniors (55+) and Tri-College Students

    *Prices for special events vary.  Check show details for prices.

    The Planetarium is located in Bridges Hall, Room 167. Please call 218.477.2920 with questions.