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  • Physics & Astronomy Scholarships

    MSUM offers a variety of Physics & Astronomy scholarships for current and incoming students. Scholarships are listed below. Students can also apply for general university scholarships through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.


    1. Must be enrolled at MSUM
    2. Must be either a physics major or minor

    Physics Scholarships

    Hart-Sipson & Gerald Hart Endowed Scholarship
    This $500 scholarship rewards excellent academic performance in physics-related courses as evidenced by GPA. The department also evaluates students’ accomplishments in research, physics outreach activities and service to department. Must have completed one year of physics study.

    Physics Department Scholarship
    These three $250 scholarships are awarded to encourage undergraduate research. Selection is based on student proposals.

    Walt Wesley Memorial Scholarship
    Typical award amount: $1,000
    This $1,000 scholarship is given based on a physics essay contest. The subject of the physics essay is new each year, and the winning essay must demonstrate excellent physics understanding and writing.

    Astronomy Scholarships

    Walt Worman Scholarship
    This $500 scholarship rewards excellent academic performance in astronomy-related courses as evidenced by GPA. Students’ interest in astronomy is also evaluated based on a student statement.

    Other Scholarships

    MSUM Sustainability Scholarship