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  • Meet the Faculty & Staff

  • Bramer, Marilea
    Philosophy Department

    Office: MA 279K
    Phone: 218.477.4355
    Email: bramer@mnstate.edu

    Marilea Bramer, Associate Professor, received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2008. She has published articles in philosophy journals including "Hypatia" and "Social Philosophy Today". She also has published a chapter in the "Handbook of the Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics". Dr. Bramer’s current research interests include ethical issues surrounding families and children, including the autonomy of infants. Her areas of specialization include ethics, Kantian moral theory, feminist philosophy, social and political philosophy, and business ethics.She regularly teaches Practical Reasoning, Contemporary Moral Issues, Philosophy of Sex and Love, History of Ethics, Business Ethics, and Social and Political Philosophy and other classes.

    Czynski, Konrad
    Philosophy Department

    Office: MA 279P
    Phone: 218.477.4666
    Email: czynski@mnstate.edu
    Konrad Czynski, Professor, has several graduate degrees from Columbia University in NYC including an M.A. in East Asian Studies (Chinese History), M.A. on French Literature (19th-20th centuries), and an M. Phil. & Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (in French and Japanese literatures). His areas of interest: World religions and humanities

    Gracyk, Theodore
    Philosophy Department

    Office: MA 279S
    Phone: 218.477.4089
    Email: gracyk@mnstate.edu
    Ted Gracyk, Professor, received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis. His areas of interest: philosophy of art, Kant, 18th-century philosophy, cultural theory. Published books: On Music, Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics of Rock, and I WANNA BE ME: Rock Music and the Politics of Identity, among others.

    Heng, Ashley
    OAS Intermediate
    Philosophy Department

    Office: MA 279
    Phone: 218.477.2478
    Email: ashley.heng@mnstate.edu

    Hong, Chang-Seong
    Philosophy Department

    Office: MA 279L
    Phone: 218.477.2479
    Email: cshong@mnstate.edu
    Chang-Seong Hong, Professor, received his Ph.D. from Brown University. His areas of interest: Metaphysics, philosophy of mind and Buddhist philosophy. Teaches theory of knowledge, practical reasoning, and introduction to Western philosophy. Publishes in analytic philosophy and Buddhist philosophy, both in English and Korean.  

    Mouch, Philip
    Philosophy Department

    Office: MA 279R
    Phone: 218.477.2331
    Email: mouch@mnstate.edu
    Professor; Areas of interest: History of philosophy, metaphysics, business ethics, philosophy of religion, Pacifism, and Just War Theory.