Parking & Traffic Rules & Regulations

    1. Anyone operating or parking a vehicle on campus is responsible for being familiar with and complying with all traffic and parking regulations
    2. Parking permits allow parking in assigned parking lots or parking areas within lots. The purchase of a parking permit DOES NOT GUARANTEE space availability unless specific assignment of a space is made. The vehicle operator is responsible for finding a legal parking space.
    3. In accordance with State of Minnesota Statute 169.34, no vehicle shall be parked in crosswalks, landscaped areas, driveways, fire lanes, within 15 feet of fire hydrants, along yellow painted curbs, in front of any removable barricade, on sidewalks, No Parking areas, or in a space which obstructs traffic.
    4. All persons operating vehicles in the University area shall do so at their own risk. No responsibility shall be assumed by the University, City of Moorhead, or State of Minnesota for loss of property, damage to the vehicle while parked or being driven on campus property, damage which may be incurred through the process of impounding the vehicle, immobilizing the vehicle, or for any other damage or loss sustained while on the University campus.
    5. The maximum speed limit within the University campus is 15 miles per hour.
    6. Minnesota State University Moorhead reserves the right to cite, immobilize, or tow any vehicle in violation of parking regulations. This will be done at the owner’s expense. Drivers with repeated violations or who commit a serious parking violation may have parking privileges revoked.
    7. The Vice-President for Finance and Administration is authorized by the President to make all necessary operational decisions affecting parking regulations/policies and shall be directly involved in the development of proposals affecting lot construction, landscaping, and other parking facility improvements.
    8. No vehicle shall be used for temporary lodging while on the campus. All persons found in violation will be referred to the proper authorities.
    9. All University permits must be properly displayed by being hung from the vehicle’s rear-view mirror with no obstructions.
    10. Authority for establishing traffic and parking regulations on the State University campuses is granted to the State University campuses by Minnesota Statute Section 169.966, subd. 8 (1988) and the Minnesota State University Board of Trustees. These regulations are effective beginning with the 2008-2009 academic year, and have been approved by the Minnesota State University Moorhead President pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 169.966, subd. 8. The Board of Trustees may delegate its responsibilities under this section to a State University President. Actions of the President shall be presumed to be those of the Board. The University President shall file with the Board President the results of any public hearings and the subsequent adoption of any proposed rule, regulation, or ordinance enacted pursuant thereto. These rules shall remain in effect until amended. Further information may be obtained from the Parking Office.
    11. These regulations herein apply to the Minnesota State University Moorhead campus as defined in Section VII. Streets in and around campus, disability zones, and fire lanes are governed by State law and City of Moorhead ordinances unless otherwise posted.
    12. The Public Safety Dept. reserves the right to decide that any vehicle parked on campus be moved at any time. Failure to vacate may result in citation issuance, immobilization or towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.

    To park on the Minnesota State University Moorhead campus, all students, faculty, staff, and others associated with the University need to register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit with Public Safety. Public Safety must be notified if there is a change in the ownership of the registered vehicle listed on the permit registration form. All lots will be monitored beginning the first day of class. All citations must be paid prior to purchasing a new permit.

    Permits must be registered for online or at the Public Safety Office. If you need help check out the steps to pre-register for your permit.

    MSUM M State

    Please contact the Parking Office with questions or concerns.

    Cost: $275/year, $145/semester, $80/summer

    Authorization to use a All Zone permit comes from the Director of Public Safety. This properly displayed permit allows the registered vehicle owner to park in any General parking space. When properly displaying the permit the vehicle is also allowed to park in metered or reserved spaces for short periods of time.

    Day permits are issued at a rate of $4 per day from the Public Safety Office and are available 24 hours a day.

    Day permits must be properly displayed from the rear-view mirror or the vehicle is subject to a citation. Day permits are valid in lots listed on pass only, and do not override any reserved space unless specified.

    Day Pass Request

    Cost: Free

    This properly displayed permit is for individuals whose children are enrolled in the center. This is for 15 minutes only in lot D-1 or in designated spaces on 6th Avenue. Enforced Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Cost: $80

    General permit expires on graduation day Fall Semester.

    Cost: $150/year, $85/semester

    The red general permit allows vehicles to park in general lots. All general lots start with the letter G. General lots are enforced from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. General lots are red on the parking map.

    Cost: $225/year, $125/spring semester, $60/summer

    The reserved purple permit allows vehicles to park in the designated lot listed on the permit.

    Any vehicle parked in these lots or spaces without an authorized purple permit displayed is subject to citation, immobilization, or towing at the owner's expense.

    Overflow parking into General lots is authorized for reserved permit holders on an as-needed basis.

    Cost: Free

    The yellow retired permit is issued to retired faculty and staff. Use of this permit for any other purpose than to conduct business with Minnesota State University Moorhead representatives can result in revocation of parking privileges on the campus. Vehicles with the yellow permit properly displayed may park in General lots and Metered spaces.

    Cost: Free

    The maroon permit is issued to clients of the SLHS clinic and is to be used while conducting clinic business only. Vehicles with the maroon permit properly displayed should park in the spaces designated for SLHS use in G-10 lot. When those spaces are all occupied, overflow parking is allowed in G-10 lot. Permits are only valid during scheduled SLHS appointment times.

    Cost: $75/year, $40/semester, $20/summer

    The teal permit is issued to sales representatives, vending agents, contractors and others in similar positions using unmarked vehicles for business only. Use of this permit for any other purpose than to conduct business with Minnesota State University Moorhead representatives can result in revocation of parking privileges on the campus. Vehicles with the teal permit properly displayed may park in General lots and Metered spaces.

    With a company logo, a vendor permit is not required. Marked vehicles are to follow the same parking guidelines as those with a vendor permit. Leaving a note on the dash does not qualify as a marked vehicle.

    A legal parking space is defined by painted curbs, painted lines on the lot, or stationary/fixed (secured) parking guides which designate a single parking space. Oversized vehicles that extend beyond the space defined by the yellow lines are to be parked in lot FI. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator to familiarize themselves with the legal parking spaces within the lots.

    The parking permit shall correspond with the permit sign posted at the entrance to the parking lots, inside parking lots, or on streets. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator to be aware of the locations of legal parking spaces.

    Permits must be hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle. Failure to properly display the permit (such as permits on the dash, front seat, visor, or floor) may result in the issuance of a citation. Permits should be clearly visible from both the front and back windows. Citations may be issued if there are other objects hanging from the windows or mirror blocking view of permit.

    When using a substitute vehicle, the permit holder will either use their regular permit, or if regular permit is not available, may obtain a day permit from the Public Safety Office at no charge. Parking permit holders must contact the Public Safety Office and identify the substitute vehicle being used. Individuals will not be allowed to park more than one vehicle in University lots at the same time using the same permit number.

    Permits may only be sold by the University and not offered for resale or exchange between, among, or by individuals. Each vehicle using a permit must be registered with the Public Safety Office. A prorated refund may be issued, or the permit may be exchanged for another permit type.

    In compliance with Minnesota Statutes 169.345 and 169.346, use of disability parking spaces is restricted only to those vehicles with a State-issued disability permit. Minnesota state law requires disability parking spaces be enforced on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, including holiday periods. Violators’ vehicles will be cited or immobilized. Should disability spaces not be available, disabled visitors with a State issued disability permit may use general and metered spaces. Individuals with temporary disabilities should apply to the State for a disability parking certificate. (The University’s Disability Services Office is available for assistance in applying for exclusive State-issued certificates.) [Designated HC or Meter only unless purchased separate permit.] MSUM is committed to providing access to the campus parking areas in accordance with Minnesota law. If additional assistance is needed contact the Public Safety. Quick errands, deliveries, or drop offs are not valid excuses for parking in or obstructing disability spaces. Public Safety does not give temporary Handicap permits.

    1. Areas in certain lots are posted as reserved. Any vehicle not authorized to park in these reserved areas will be subject to citation, immobilization, or towing at the owner’s expense, pursuant to Minnesota Statute 169.041.
    2. Reserved permits are valid in the assigned lot only. Parking in unauthorized areas on campus may result in a citation or immobilization.
    1. Permits are issued on an annual basis (Fall to Fall). Each permit is valid only for the time period indicated on the permit. Use of an expired permit is not authorized.
    2. To obtain a permit, an individual must register online and pick it up at the Public Safety Office, 1616 9th Ave South. Information can be obtained from the Public Safety Office as to what permits are available.
    3. All citations must be paid in full prior to obtaining a parking permit. The Parking Office reserves the right to apply outstanding citations to student accounts.
    4. Permits must be displayed in all lots by August 25, 2016

    Lost or stolen permits must be reported as such to Public Safety. The first replacement permit is $10, a non-refundable service fee. Any further replacement will cost the value of the permit desired, prorated by the academic year. In case the missing permit is found, it is to be returned to the Public Safety Office immediately. Use of a permit that has been reported missing may result in an autoboot and applicable citations. Violators may be subject to disciplinary action, criminal charges, and appropriate parking sanctions. Providing inaccurate information in an attempt to obtain a permit may result in fraud charges.

    Any person involved in the use, sale, or manufacture of fraudulent, stolen, or missing permits, or any other attempt to defraud the Public Safety Department is subject to disciplinary action, criminal charges, and appropriate parking sanctions. Repeated use of an expired permit is considered fraud.

    Displaying previously issued citations on any vehicle parked on MSUM campus is considered fraud.

    Government vehicles may park in any marked parking space except reserved or disabled parking spaces. Misuse may result in applicable citations.

    Returning A Parking Permit

    Parking permit owners may return their parking permit for a full or partial refund of sale price if done so within the following university guidelines:

    • Fall and Spring Semesters:
      • 1st through 5th business day of term: 100%
      • 6th through 10th business day of term: 75%
      • 11th through 15th business day of term: 50%
      • 16th through 20th business day of term: 25%
      • After the 20th business day of term: 0%
    • Summer permits are not refundable.

    The refund amount will be reduced by any outstanding citations.

    The University reserves the right to adjust lot or permit designation as shown on the campus parking map. Lot designations may be modified following review and recommendation of the Facility, Grounds and Safety Committee. Notice of such changes will be published via campus media.

    Regular permits do not override meters, with the exception of State-issued disability permits, retired, special, no zone, and vendor/contractor permits. Parking meters are available in many lots to accommodate short-term parking needs. Meters are located at a centralized paystation in lots M-1 and M-5. Residence hall meters are monitored 24 hours a day with the exception of holidays mentioned herein. Lot D-1 is monitored from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Each meter is marked with the maximum time allowed. Vehicles parked in expired meter spaces are subject to citation. If parking meters are not working, do not park your vehicle in that metered parking space. Report any problems to Public Safety.

    Public Safety has a free jump-starting service for vehicles that are located on MSUM property. This service is available on a first-come-first serve basis, as time permits. Jump-starts will be given at the discretion of the Public Safety Office. Contact Public Safety for information.

    1. The University reserves the right to cite and/or tow vehicles, at owner’s expense, which obstruct snow removal operations, pursuant to Minnesota Statute 169.041.
    2. Snow removal of driving areas and parking spaces will begin following each substantial snowfall. Snow will be piled in individual lots until it can be hauled away. Do not park near piled snow.
    3. Notices will be sent to residence halls with snow removal information not less than 24 hours before the comprehensive snow removal operation begins. The information will include a snow removal schedule and alternate lot designations for temporary parking during snow removal operations. All vehicles must be moved to designated lots prior to the snow removal operations. Snow removal vehicles have the right of way during snow removal operations.
    4. The Public Safety Dept. reserves the right to declare that any vehicle parked on campus be moved for snow removal. Failure to comply within 24 hours of contact (established or attempted) may result in citation or tow of the vehicle at the owner's expense.

    If a permit owner is allowed to upgrade their permit type during the Fall Semester, the customer shall pay the difference between full year permit prices.

    If a permit owner is allowed to upgrade their permit during the Spring semester, the customer shall pay an upgrade fee of the difference between the Spring pro-rated price of the new permit and the Spring pro-rated price of the original permit

    Short term parking permits may be issued to persons holding paid permits when their registered vehicles are unavailable at no cost.

    1. If a substitute vehicle is used and the original permit is not available, a temporary permit will be issued and will include all the privileges of the original permit.
    2. Meetings, conferences, and larger public events: it is the responsibility of the event coordinator to arrange with the Public Safety Office for parking accommodations for guests at least 2 business days in advance of the meeting or conference. Permits are obtained from Public Safety. There is an online form to request parking, permits, and/or day arrangements.

    Day permits may be obtained from Public Safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day permits may override parking meters if specified on the individual permit. Altering a Day Permit will result in a fraudulent permit fine and an autoboot fine.

    Guests may also park in the the F-1 lot free of charge 5 a.m. to 3 a.m. No overnight parking permitted (3 a.m. to 5 a.m.).

    Day Pass Request

    The pay lots are located on 11th Street at 9th Avenue (Lot M-1), and 6th Avenue (Lot M-5). The pay lot rate is $1.50 per hour. Parking is free in these lots from 4:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays and all day on weekends and designated University holidays.

    Vendor parking requires a permit from the Public Safety Dept. This is to be used by the vendor only during service hours. It is not transferrable. See Vendor Permits under Section II, Letter B. Refer to Section III, Letter J.

    Designated loading zones are solely for loading and unloading purposes. Trucks and other types of commercial vehicles may be parked in these zones only during actual loading/unloading operation. Private vehicles are not to exceed 15 minutes of parking in these areas to conduct their loading/ unloading. Parking in loading zones for purposes other than loading/unloading may result in a fine and/or autoboot.

    The University reserves the right to cite, immobilize, or tow vehicles parked on campus in violation of any rule established in the current Traffic and Parking Regulations pursuant to Minnesota Statute 169.041. The person who registers the vehicle and obtains the permit is responsible for the vehicle's operation on campus, and for all charges against the vehicle including ticketing, immobilization, and/or towing of the vehicle. The registered vehicle owner is ultimately responsible for all charges.

    1. Failure to pay any citation within 10 calendar days will result in a $10 penalty. In addition, a hold may be placed on the responsible party’s student records until all outstanding amounts are paid.
    2. The University may tow a vehicle due to snow removal, repair work, violation of regulation or abandonment. Any vehicle that has not been moved in 30 days will be considered abandoned.
    3. Vehicles with three or more outstanding parking citations that are 10 days late or a balance due of $75 or more, with at least one citation 10 days outstanding will be immobilized and assessed a $50 fee. There is an additional storage charge of $10 a day for vehicle autoboot. This charge will be invoked after 24 hours.

    Immobilized vehicles will remain autobooted until the outstanding fine is paid. Responsible parties/owners of immobilized vehicles should contact Public Safety, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    1. Registered owners with repeated violations of University parking rules and regulations may have their parking privileges revoked by the Director of Public Safety and/or the Parking Manager. Cases may be referred to the Facility, Grounds and Safety Committee or the Student Disciplinary Committee for consultation. The registered owner will be notified of the recommended resolution by U.S. Mail.
    2. Registered owners remain responsible for any outstanding parking fines.
    3. A vehicle with a revoked parking permit will be immobilized each time it is found parked on the University campus.
    4. Revoked permits are non-refundable.

    Using emergency flashers does not allow drivers to park their vehicles in disability areas, fire lanes, metered spaces, no parking zones, or regular lot spaces.

    Parking regulations remain in force for all lots during breaks and the summer.

    1. All lots are enforced from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted. All vehicles that park in these lots without the proper permit are subject to a citation, autoboot, or towing pursuant to Minnesota Statute 169.041. Some spaces within the parking lots marked otherwise (ex. 15 minute loading areas, marked meters, no parking zones) are subject to enforcement appropriate to their defined enforcement timeframes.
    2. D-1 and 6th Avenue areas used for daycare center drop-off and metered parking are enforced from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    3. Permits will not be required on the following University designated holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 24, December 25, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. Class break periods and non-instructional days are not holidays.

    To obtain a day permit in the event of vehicle breakdowns or emergency parking situations, contact the Public Safety.

    Individuals may be penalized by citation, immobilization, or towing at the owner’s expense for any violation. Permit holders are responsible for any citation issued to vehicles in which their permit appears. It is unlawful for any person, as the permit holder of a vehicle or as the registered owner of a vehicle to park, stop or leave unattended, or to cause, allow, or permit to be parked, stopped, or left standing whether knowingly or unknowingly, any such vehicle in any place not designated for parking.

    The fact that a person parks in violation of any law, policy, or regulation and does not receive a citation, does not mean that the law, policy, or regulation is no longer in effect.

    Immobilization Fee

    1. Immobilization fee of a vehicle is $50, in addition to applicable fines.
    2. If the autoboot is damaged or missing after being placed on a vehicle, the vehicle owner will be responsible for the replacement cost at $500 and may result in criminal charges.
    3. Towing fee for a vehicle is at the discretion of the local towing company hired to provide this service to the University, pursuant to Minnesota Statute 169.041. All towing fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Contact Public Safety to obtain the telephone number of the towing company.

    Parking Citation Explanations & Amounts

    No Permit Visible $25
    Citation is issued when the vehicle is parked without displaying a permit and does not have one issued by the parking office.

    Expired Meter $25
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked in a metered spot without paying or over-staying their bought time.

    Reserved Parking $35
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked in a parking space in a reserved lot without displaying the lot specific permit and does not have one.

    Wrong Lot $25
    Citation is issued when a reserved parking permit holder parks in a lot different than the one allotted to vehicle/individual.

    No Parking Zone $40
    Citation is issued when a vehicle if parked in a marked no parking zone. No parking zones are designated with signs or yellow diagonal striped lines.

    Parked in a Fire Lane/ Driving Lane $40
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is not parked in a legal parking spot (between two yellow lines) but is parked elsewhere in the lot.

    Handicapped Violation $200
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked in a Handicapped parking space without displaying a valid handicapped permit.

    Stolen or Fraud Permit $200
    Citation (Stolen) is issued when a vehicle is displaying a permit that has been marked/reported stolen in our system. Citation (Fraud) can be issued if a vehicle has been cited for an expired permit and is caught repeating the violation. Also, amending a day pass that has already been written for another date or making your own parking pass is considered fraud.

    Fraud Use of Ticket $200
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is displaying a citation that was issued in another lot and is being displayed on the windshield to avoid further citations.

    Fraud Use of a Handicapped Permit $500
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is displaying a counterfeit or stolen permit.

    Improperly Displayed Permit $10
    Citation is issued when the permit is not displayed on the rear view mirror and is either displayed where it is not supposed to be or not displayed at all.

    Parked on a Sidewalk $50
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked on a side walk and not in a legal parking space (between two yellow lines).

    Parked in a Loading Zone $40
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked in a designated loading zone for more than 15 minutes. If unloading is taking longer, Public Safety needs to be informed.

    Overtime Parking $20
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked in a designated 15 minute parking space for longer than allowed time.

    Parked Outside of Space $25
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is not parked between two yellow lines and is taking up an additional parking space.

    Parked in Service Vehicle Only Space $20
    Citation is issued when a non-service vehicle is parked in a service vehicle only space.

    Displaying an Expired Permit $25
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is displaying a permit from an older school year that has been expired (see back of the permit for expiry date).

    Motorcycle Parking $10
    Citation is issued when a motorcycle is parked in a passenger car spot. Motorcycles can park in the designated areas only. There is no permit required for a motorcycle.

    Parked Blocking Snow Removal $35
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked in a parking space that blocks snow removal from being done.

    Vehicle not registered to permit $10
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is displaying a permit that is not registered with the permit.

    Abandoned Vehicle $10
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is not moved for 30 days or more and is still parked in the same space.

    Unauthorized Boot Removal $200
    Citation is issued when a boot is removed from the vehicle without the authorization of Public Safety.

    Auto Boot $50
    Citation is issued when a clamp is placed on the wheel and the vehicle is immobilized.

    Parked on the Lawn $50
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is parked on the lawn instead of a parking spot.

    Parked Overnight in F1 $25
    Citation is issued when a vehicle is left in the F-1 lot overnight. There is no parking in F-1 lot between 3 AM and 5 AM.

    All fines and penalties assessed on MSUM parking citations are to be paid within 10 calendar days.

    1. Pay the fine by mailing the notice of violation and check or money order to:
      Public Safety Dept. | MSUM
      PO BOX 24 | Moorhead, MN 56563
      Make check or money order payable to:
      Minnesota State University Moorhead
      Please do not send cash by mail
    2. Pay the fine in person at:
      MSUM Public Safety Dept.
      1616 9th Ave South | Moorhead, MN 56563
    3. Pay the fine over the phone:
      MSUM Public Safety Dept.

    All fines and penalties assessed on City of Moorhead parking citations (including fire lane and parking violations) are to be paid to the City of Moorhead as indicated on the citations. There is a drop box for citation payment at the Public Safety Dept., 1616 9th Ave South. Credit Cards are not accepted at Public Safety for Moorhead Police citations.

    If payment is not made within 10 calendar days, the following sanctions may be applied:

    1. A $10 late fee will be assessed in addition to the original fine.
    2. A hold may be placed on student records for non-payment of late citations.
    3. Failure to pay 3 or more citations may result in the immobilization of the vehicle. Autoboot fees of $10 per day will be invoked beginning 24 hours after autoboot placement.
    4. The Public Safety Dept. reserves the right to apply

    Motorcycles are allowed to park in designated motorcycle areas only. Those parked in any other lot or area will be subject to citation. All motorcycles are to be removed from campus when snow removal is required. They may return when snow removal is not required.

    Motorized Scooters/Mopeds either gas powered or electrically powered are not allowed to be driven on any MSUM sidewalks. Motorized Scooters/Mopeds are allowed to park in designated motorcycle parking areas only

    Bicycles are required to be parked in bicycle racks in designated areas. Such means of transportation are not to be chained to lamp posts, trees, building components, etc. If bicycles are found chained to these objects; chains will be cut and the bicycle will be impounded by the Moorhead Police Department.

    In cases of required maintenance issues and to manage abandoned bicycles in bicycle racks, Public Safety may post signage on bicycle racks requiring bicycles be removed and moved to other bicycle racks. The notice will be posted on the bicycle racks for two weeks. Bicycles still attached to bicycle racks after the two week notice will have the chains cut and the bicycle impounded by the Moorhead Police Department. Owners should check their bicycles attached to bicycle racks on campus at least once every two weeks. Owners of bicycles left on campus are encouraged to register the bicycle including the serial number with the MSUM Public Safety Department in the property registration section at the following site:

    MSUM Public Safety is not responsible for bicycle locks that are cut for violations of the above policy or that may need to be cut with no notice in cases of maintenance issues that may arise. Owners of bicycles parked on campus assume this risk when bringing a bicycle onto the MSUM campus.

    Recharging electric powered vehicles or using engine block heaters with campus utilities is not permitted. If found responsible parties may be charged with theft of services.

    1. Only those citations issued by MSUM may be appealed through the University. All City of Moorhead citations must be appealed or paid to the City of Moorhead. Individuals who believe they have been cited, fined, towed, or immobilized in error may appeal the case. The appeals must fully state the grounds on which the appeal is based.
    2. MSUM Appeal forms must be filed within 10 calendar days of issue date in writing or online at our website by the individual who received the citation. Appeals may not be submitted on behalf of someone else. Forms are available in the Public Safety Office. Appeals will not be accepted after 10 calendar days from ticket issue.
    3. The Parking Violation Appeals Committee will serve as the appeal body for all citations issued and render a decision in each case. Any challenges made to the committee's decision will be reviewed by the Director of Public Safety.
    4. The fine for a violation which has been appealed and subsequently denied must be paid to MSUM within 10 days after notification of the appeal decision.
    5. Students who discontinue class attendance based on extenuating circumstances or some situation out of their control may file a parking permit refund appeal to the Director of Public Safety if they seek to refund a portion of their permit after the 20th business day of a term. The appeal must be made in writing within 90 days before the end of the term for which a refund is requested.

    For a complete list of Unacceptable Extenuating Circumstances please contact us.

    Appeal Ticket Questions/ Comments

    Procedure: Parking Violation Closure

    Date of Most Recent Change: 7/14/2016

    Custodian: Parking Coordinator

    Definition: “Closure” is editing a citation issued by Minnesota State University Moorhead for a parking violation so that no balance is due.


    Parking violation closures may occur at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety, Parking Coordinator, and/or their respective designees. Discretionary parking violation closures may occur for, but are not limited to, the following reasons:

    • Violation was issued in error
    • Violation was found to contain erroneous information
    • Violation was issued for training purposes
    • Violation was recalled in-the-field by Enforcement Officer

    If a parking violation does not meet a discretionary reason for closure, the parking violation appeals process shall be the official manner through which to request the closure of a parking violation. Through this process, appeals are reviewed by a sub-committee of the Facility, Grounds & Safety Committee. If an appeal is denied by this sub-committee, a review of the committee’s decision may be requested. This review will be conducted by the Public Safety Director, whose decision will be final.

    University entities may and are encouraged to pay for citations issued to University guests. University entities are prohibited from paying for parking violations issued to employees of the university.

    All students registered at MState, Concordia, or NDSU possessing an MState, Concordia, or NDSU parking permit may also park in MSUM G lots for no additional fee.

    Secure your vehicle and report thefts

    Permit holders should do all they can to avoid being victimized. These permits are easily stolen from the mirrors of unlocked vehicles. Always secure your vehicle when you leave it unattended. Be sure to notify the Parking Office as soon as you believe your permit is lost or stolen. Once notified of a permit loss, these offices will attempt to spot check the lots to determine if the permit is being used by someone else. Vandalism should be reported to Public Safety. Check your vehicle daily