Paralegal Internships

  • Internship Prerequisites

    Prior to the internship, the student must satisfactorily complete the following courses and submit the Prerequisite form found below:

    • Legal Research & Writing II (PARA 251)
    • Civil Procedure I (PARA 310), Interviewing (PARA 325), Legal Ethics (PARA 375)
    • Two courses from your area of emphasis

    In addition, the student must have attained a 2.25 GPA in Paralegal courses and must attend an informational internship meeting before commencing the internship.

    Internship Prerequisite Form

    Complete this form and turn it in prior to seeking your internship.



    Proposed semester/year for internship:

    Attended internship meeting:


    Para 251

    Para 310

    Para 325

    Para 375

    My area of emphasis is:(list all you are planning to complete)

    Two classes completed in area of emphasis:

    Semester/Year Taken
    Grade Received

    Semester/Year Taken
    Grade Received

    My GPA in my paralegal courses is: (2.25 GPA required)