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  • Emerging Leaders

Office of Student Activities

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  • Emerging Leaders: A Leadership Development Program

    Based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and utilizes StrengthsQuest 

    Get Connected and Register for Emerging Leader!

    Emerging Leaders is a free leadership program sponsored by the Office of Student Activities that is targeted toward freshmen in their second semester and new entering spring transfer students who have an interest in getting more involved. Emerging Leaders is focused on getting students connected! The program goals include getting students connected with other students who share a common involvement interest, having the students learn about themselves and their leadership abilities, and getting the students connected with MSUM, City of Moorhead, and the surrounding communities.

    Spring 2017 Emerging Leader Sessions start the week of January 23rd and meet each week until the end of March. In addition participants are required to attend a Saturday service event on March 25th (late morning/early afternoon), and a celebration on April 5th from 6-7:30pm. Spring session options are:

    • Tuesdays 6-7 pm (General Session)
    • Wednesdays 3-4 pm (General Session)
    • Wednesday 7-8 pm (This session will have a focus on masculinity.)
    • Thursdays 4:30-5:30 pm (General Session)

    To register click this link and fill out the form . You will need to sign-in with your Star ID and Star ID Password on DragonCentral. 

    If you have any questions contact Steve Fox at

    What is Emerging Leaders?

    The Emerging Leaders program is a free leadership development program. Each group meets weekly for one hour. It aims to help MSUM students get connected and develop the leadership skills they will need to become active and engaged members of MSUM and the community. The program is based on the Social Change Model which is a widely used leadership theory that emphasizes how individual, group, and societal values work together to create change. There are 7 ‘Cs’ or core tenets that complete the Social Change Model that fall under the three different value groups: 

    Individual Values

    • Consciousness of self: Being self-aware of one’s beliefs, values, attitudes and emotions that motivate you to take action.
    • Congruence: Acting in ways that are consistent with your values and beliefs.
    • Commitment: Having significant investment in an idea or person, both in terms of intensity and duration.

    Group Values

    • Collaboration: Working with others in a common effort, sharing responsibility, authority, and accountability
    • Common Purpose: Having shared aims and values. Involving others in building a group’s vision and purpose.
    • Controversy with Civility: Recognizing two fundamental realities of any creative effort: 1) differences in viewpoint are inevitable and 2) such differences must be aired openly but with civility.

    Societal Values

    • Citizenship: Believing in a process whereby an individual and/or a group become responsibly connected to the community and to society through some activity. 

    Need More Information?

    Please contact the Office of Student Activities at 218.477.2790 or e-mail