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  • Dragon Leadership Program

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  • Dragon Leadership Program 

    The Dragon Leadership Program (DLP) provides practical and relevant opportunities for you to develop leadership skills both in and out of the classroom.

    Employers value leadership as an important attribute when reviewing resumes. MSUM's Dragon Leadership Program is an opportunity to develop one's own leadership skills. DLP may be completed in a minimum of two years and is intentional in nature to prepare you to transform the world. The program helps you identify your strengths through participation in campus activities, mentorship, activities in the classroom, and in the community. The program focuses on helping you understand how to contribute on a team and in the community, benefiting you individually and as a citizen.

    Here is an overview of the DLP Requirements that you will complete in the program.

    Attend an Information Session and Apply

    Admission into the Dragon Leadership Program occurs during the fall semester. All students interested in being part of the Dragon Leadership Program should attend the Fall 2018 Kick-Off event or an upcoming information session to learn more about the program and the application process. Upcoming information sessions are:

    • Fall 2018: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 from 6:30pm-8pm in the Library Porch

    Students need to apply to be a part of the program. Individuals applying should have a minimum of 2 years remaining until graduation (i.e. Fall 2018 applicants will graduate in Spring 2020 or later), must attend a day-long fall retreat on Saturday, September 29, 2018 and a day-long spring retreat on Saturday, February 9, 2019. More events and program dates can be found on our DragonCentral page.

    You can find the application on the DLP DragonCentral page. You will need to log-in with your StarID and password in order to complete the form. Applications will be due 12 P.M. Friday, September 21, 2018.  

    The Dragon Leadership Program is an opportunity for you to grow and develop skills that will have a lasting impact beyond your time at MSUM. We look forward to reviewing your application! 

    Develop Leadership Skills

    Learning outcomes - or the skills and knowledge you develop - are the foundation of the DLP. Successful progression through the Dragon Leadership Program is indicated by your ability to demonstrate competency for each learning outcome. DLP participation will teach you to:

    • Develop the ability to set personal goals
    • Foster consciousness of self and self-confidence
    • Collaborate with individuals and teams
    • Practice delegating and managing both people and tasks
    • Cultivate civic awareness by valuing civic responsibility and practicing engaged citizenship
    • Apply effectively the knowledge, skills and competencies from the leadership program to academic coursework 

    Completion of the Dragon Leadership Program requires you to participate in learning opportunities that will satisfy each learning outcome. While engaging in a variety of leadership activities, events, positions, and classes, you'll be asked to reflect on your experience on a regular basis through an electronic portfolio. Faculty and staff members engaged in leadership development will review the portfolio each semester as you progress through the program.

    Benefits to You

    The Dragon Leadership Program will introduce a wealth of diverse co-curricular opportunities to develop your leadership skills. You can create the DLP to meet your academic, professional and personal interests, thus heightening your level of professional preparation.

    Many opportunities exist to make meaningful and significant connections with other members of the MSUM and Fargo-Moorhead communities. Annual events will initiate, recognize and reward the efforts of student leaders participating in the DLP, including a kick off program, invited speakers, portfolio review, and a year-end celebratory event with community business and education leaders.

    Along with your electronic portfolio and the networking opportunities presented during the year, you will receive a formal Letter of Endorsement at the completion of the program. This endorsement can be used for professional references in a job search or to obtain letters of reference for applications to graduate or professional schools.

    By joining the Dragon Leadership Program, you'll be in a better position to actualize your personal and professional goals for the future.