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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Office of Student Activities

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can student organizations reserve space for meetings and/or events? 

    Student organizations can reserve space in the Comstock Memorial Union by contacting the CMU Administration Office. To reserve space outside of the CMU, contact Scheduling Services.

    Can someone help us plan an event for the student organization? 

    Much of our staff in the OSA is experienced in advising organizations in event planning! Stop by our office in the CMU at any time for advice.

    How can my student organization advertise our events?  

    The OSA has several opportunities for student organizations. Visit the Advertising Opportunities page, read the Campus Publicity Guidelines document, or stop by our office for more information.

    Do student organizations need to register every year? 

    Student organizations need to register every fall during the annual online registration process. If a student organization updates their officers or advisor after the annual registration process is complete, they must also update their registration with the Office of Student Activities. 

    Can a student organization get web space or an email address? 

    More often than not, student organizations create Facebook pages and groups in order to have an online presence. In order for student organizations to have their own web page (outside of a social network), student organizations must be a recognized student organization to be eligible for web space or a mnstate email address. In both cases, the advisor must contact the Information Technology department on campus to set up the accounts. 

    What should a student organization do if they want to hold a fundraiser and/or sell merchandise on campus?

    First, only recognized student organizations are allowed to fundraise. Once a student organization receives University recognition, they are able to conduct a wide range of fundraisers. The OSA has a Tidbit (under the resources tab) on fundraising to help determine an activity that will work for your student organization. Once you decide on an activity, please contact the OSA to ensure you are in line with University policies, especially if you plan on selling food on-campus, holding a raffle or other types of gambling, or soliciting money from area businesses. If you have any other questions, stop by.

    Do student organizations have mailboxes on campus? 

    Yes! All student organizations have a mailbox located in the Office of Student Activities. It is the responsibility of the organization officers to check the organization's mailbox on a regular basis. 

    Where can student organizations make banners?

    Student organizations can use the banner making supplies located in the Activities Resource Center, CMU 225. To hang posters and banners in the CMU, they must be approved at the CMU Administration Office.

    How does a student organization write a constitution? 

    Constitutions are the framework of any organization. The details and explanations should be concise, easy-to-follow, and flexible enough to allow for change and growth. Each constitution must include the University required statements. A sample constitution is available here. For constitution examples and for assistance in writing or making changes to a constitution, please contact the Office of Student Activities.